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  1. David Rosenberg is not too bad but a little more concerned with defending his previous calls rather than giving an overview of market conditions at the moment. Still worth a read though
  2. I am not sure if this is going to be helpful, but esignal has a fib time which you can configure to tell you how many bars have been formed. I would presume that any good platform would have this function, Fib extensions, retracements and circles
  3. Kiva is a great way to give back to communities. people who are less fortunate who struggle to get the funds together from an institution to start a business, use funds donated through Kiva and then repay the funds over a period of time. this enables you to re lend the money to another entrepreneur and the cycle continues. the local lender charges interest to the person at reasonable rates, but you get your principle back. anyway check it out if you are interested. it is all on this site cheers Kiva - Loans that change lives
  4. markl67, I think you have to put into perspective how far you have come. you obviously have to do what is right for your circumstances but this is not a game that just falls in your lap (although it may for some). keep up the research, paper trading, follow blogs and get some mentors. just remember that most uni courses are 4 + years. My advice is to move to a bigger time frame that does not require you constant attention, have a break or slow down but dont disregard everything you have learnt over the last 18 ,months. cheers
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