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  1. You would think but they don't address what they call data issues.
  2. Has anyone used Sierra charts and found the 5 min chart data from the Intraday Historical Futures data to be off a bit on the ESMO contract. Its not a lot, but it is showing more tails and just not matching it when I compare it to other charts. As I am replaying the market and then going back and comparing my analysis to others, this is a problem. I have the download set to tick data and have even exported the data to a text file, but that is really confusing me. For instance on 4/21 the 9:00 am bar (CST) is showing 1207.25 as a high on my chart but on the exported data it is nowhere near it (closest is 1207.25's are at 7:24:15 and 13:47:15?) Sierra has the open of this bar at 1207, where other charts I am comparing this to has this bar opening at 1207.25 This is just one example. If anybody has any idea what I can do to correct this, I would appreciate your advice. Thanks, Jim :crap:
  3. Thanks guys, I will look into both of those. I am looking for something that I can work on multiple markets (to find one to settle on) and can use over the next year as I work on myself before risking anymore real money. So a 14 day demo account somewhere is not that helpful. Forex Tester 2 is one that looks real good, but I think I would be leaning to Futures instead of Forex if I get into currency trading, so I might have to settle on Rapid SP.
  4. I am looking for one with TF data and the ability to open a position on stop orders. I know Sierra charts does meets this need but it looks like I would have to buy something else to get data beyond one years worth of data. Looking for most cost effective approach. Thanks Jim
  5. TradeRunner, That's exactly the kind of routine that I will be leaning to toward the end of my training. I may not ready in development for what you are doing, but that seems to be a great routine for later. Thanks, Jim
  6. I am considering getting Rapid SP as a simulator for day trading Futures and stocks. Does anyone have any other choices that come with historical 5 minute or lower data? Thanks, Jim
  7. I am a beginner trader trying several strategies part time for last 18 months. I started as a value trader, went into selling covered calls during the crash, and have been trying monthly income option selling strategies for last 6 months or so as well as leaning short. Regardless to say I have not had success, but at least have not totally blown out my IRA's. I have decided to stop all trading in live accounts till I get a better handle on what I want to do here and prove to myself that I can do it in a simulation environment. Anyways, day trading in the vain that Al Brooks teaches is appealing to me and I have decided that not being able to trade live (as I will be at work during most trading sessions) may be a benefit to actually learning how to do it. I know I have a lot to learn but feel with time (maybe years), effort and a dedicated deliberate practice routine I can get there eventually. My question to anyone willing to help, is what are some of the specific skills that I need to develop and what are practices that you have used to develop them in yourself. For example, identifying a trend line is a VERY basic skill that I can develop by running a chart and drawing a trend line as soon as I see one. Another example could be learning to estimate a 67% retracement from a move by making a mark where I think it is and then checking it against one is calculated. Anyone who has read Talent is Overrated or the Talent Code, may have an idea of what I am looking for. Any other comments on Deliberate Practice routines in relation to trading are also welcome. Thank you in advance. Jim
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