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  1. Please reference the above last posting by gasmith7: .... for instance, a one day PVP is obviously much lower than a two day PVP; which would determine how a 'newbie' would trade !
  2. Thank you Jerry, the volume histograms on your post of "Trading With Market Statistics I. Volume Histogram" are for that day's volume alone?
  3. Thank you Jerry, then the time would be one day .... or longer?
  4. Jerry, how is your volume distribution function arrived at since you do not use MP? Of course I am referring back to your Trading With Market Statistics I. Volume Histogram; MP is a subset as you say. I have Ensign Windows with it's Price Histogram. How do I need to modify that program? Regards, Gary
  5. Question on the definitions; is the POC the same as the PVP? Is the PVP from the day before or a cumulative over the last wave or month or...? Thank you.
  6. Are both the volume histogram and VWAP used on the RTH only ? Are they used on the Globex as well? Is one more reliable than the other. Thank you.
  7. Question: Do the Volume histograms and VWAP give the same values on the range and volume bars as on the minute bars? Thank you.
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