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  1. Hey launchcodemexico I run a Prop/arcade firm here in Vancouver. you can start with 5k. it will be tough. software and data is around 300 a month. you will get good bp with your 5k and ill teach you a great risk management system, a watch list system, auction market theory, and hot keys. email me at one.island@hotmail.com Hope to talk with you soon Stephen
  2. Hey Ryan! Are you still trading? Ive got a group of traders here in vancouver. we are always looking for motivated people. Lets grab coffee, talk markets, and opportunities. one.island@hotmail.com Hope to talk to you soon Stephen
  3. Hey Hey, I do have a group of trader up and running in Vancouver. We are all remote traders so far. if you are interested in trading and looking to trade with some people drop me an email at one.island@hotmail.com. Some of us are considering opening an office in Kitsilano.
  4. just looking to see if any one Day trades in Vancouver. i live and kits and want to meet trader to share trading set up. i know a few trader already. My goal is to get a Vancouver network of trader up and going
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