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  1. I understand that once a single print tail forms, this can act as key support or resistance. Let's say the S&P emini's created a single print tail at 1306. If we open lower the next morning below this, what was support is no longer present. Does this support become resistance now? Will the buyers step in to bring prices back to the single print price level?
  2. If the failure rate is so high (90-95%) why is trading so popular? It seems like providing service or products for traders has a higher chance of profitability. Any thoughts on this?
  3. Anyone have any opinion on this? Im not a poker player myself but the game seems fairly similar.
  4. Thanks. Took a glance at it and looks helpful.
  5. Ive been reading a couple threads in this forum that use trading strategies without indicators. I am not familiar with this method but would like to learn more. Is it possible to trade with just price action alone? How do you take trade signals?
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