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  1. Hi Akif, Will be good idea to invent the predictive indicator in to the future showing the degree of the narrowing and expending the difference between VWAP and PVP, which it will show the selling/buying power of large institutions.
  2. I guess J. Perl is using 2 min. time frame (market statistics v.4). Perhaps Institutional investors are on 2 min charts.
  3. Thanks Akif, In 4 hrs charts in Market statistics v4 indicator, how many days back should I input? 35 days ? or 20 days . What number will be precise? It make quite a differance. Thank You.
  4. The skewness is 2nd distribution and kurtosis is third . Value of -+0.847 represents symetric distribution. I have skewness v1 indicator for metatrader , and market statistics v4, which are great, but if someone will be so nice to provide kurtosis indicator and perhaps more advanced skewness indicator.
  5. Do You have better indicators than skewness v1 or kurtosis v1 for Metatrader ?
  6. Skewness indicator v1 it predicts future two bars in advance on 5 min timeframe. But wonder if someone did research re. this indicator , when you change parameters starting from: eg. one day or two days or even 6 hours it will give complete different skew. Erik:helloooo:
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