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  1. akifusenet

    VWAP On Forex

    If you wonder the math behind how to calculate VWAP and SD bands you should definitely read the Jperls thread here at traderslaboratory. For using this approach in Forex you can check here: Akif,
  2. Exactly.Those lines doesnt change depending on timeframe.But if you are using a 4hr chart then you would have only 6 bars for one day and then you should start your calculation for example beginning of the month or smtg but if you are using 2 min time frame then when you start your calculation from the start of the day you have enough data for 2 min timeframe.
  3. 4 hrs is smtg i never tried. I m usually at 1-5 min scale:) Akif,
  4. yeah in my experience (for forex) PVP acts as HUP really nice but thats all. Determining the skew looking at PVP and VWAP difference play in that direction looks kinda fuzzy for me. Maybe I didnt get the concepts good enough. SD bands really work well, the price likes to move between those bands but in which way it is gonna move is still a big question and VWAP-PVP difference doesnt help me a lot. Akif,
  5. I think I have to contact the admin to edit the first post so as I am too lazy I will just post here. In the attachment you can find the latest version of indicator. Concept has changed thats why just try out and you will find easily how to use it. for other statistical concepts I am adding deviations indicator. Explanation directly copied from mladen post: Parameters are simple except maybe for the mode parameter Mode parameter values : 0 - A simple moving average (nothing else ) 1 - variance 2 - average (absolute) deviation 3 - standard deviation 4 - skewness 5 - kurtosis Deviations.mq4 Market_Statistics_v4_1.mq4
  6. Hi dryfterwylde, If you are using market_statistics_v1 it can be an issue but I made a lot of improvements and it is at v4_1 now.[hopefully last version:doh:] I advise you to update your indicator.And sorry but thats the best that i can do[you shouldnt blame these are my first indicators].And yes it is iterative. Blowfish I would like to hear your non-iterative version if it is not a secret. Akif,
  7. Hi firstnat, I wrote the market statistics and skewness indicator for mt4. (I am speaking specifically for forex) I am not using skewness indicator:roll eyes: and for the all statistical computing you can look at this one. Std Deviation - Page 2 - Forex Trading And since jperl is still answering questions I want to thank thim for these great threads. For my experience in forex with market statistics, it can give you definitely an edge but it is still not an easy job. And this is definitely not a holy grail and I belive there is no such thing.But this can really help you.And I am saying this even if there is no real volume in forex and all these calculations use volume and this can make use of market statistics in forex flawed but i believe it still works. And i would definitely advise you add your pivots(or should I say HUPs) onto your chart. They are invaluable for forex. If you dont know anything about forex at least add pivots to your chart. I hope I can keep up:) Take care. Akif,
  8. On of the biggest handicaps of MT4 is it cant do range bars(or tick bars) like your Ninja chart. So it is really hard to get that same picture in MT4.(but i am quite new to that:)) But this one looks interesting. I will check on that. Akif,
  9. Your welcome. Please follow latest updates from Market_Statistics and MIDAS thread at forex-tsd. I am in debt to TL for all these information. Especially to Jperl. Thanks. Akif,
  10. Your welcome. Please follow latest updates from Market_Statistics and MIDAS thread at forex-tsd. I am in debt to TL for all these information. Especially to Jperl. Thanks. Akif,
  11. If there is anybody still interested in VWAPs at Metatrader I managed to create MIDAS indicators from Dr.Paul Levine's article. I posted the indicator at indicators session. Here is the link: http://www.traderslaboratory.com/forums/f46/midas-indicator-mt4-6538.html Have a nice day. Walter maybe you go back to MT4? Akif,
  12. Hello everybody again. Sorry for posting my first indicator (MIDAS) to Technical Analysis section.Somehow I couldnt manage to open a new thread for that indicator in this section at that time. Now things look ok. Maybe it should be moved here also. http://www.traderslaboratory.com/forums/f34/midas-indicator-mt4-6538.html So this is my second indicator. And this indicator is created to be able to follow Jperl's Market Statistics thread on MT4. As I already talked about in my MIDAS post these are my first indicators and I am just learning MQL. So feel free to send me comments, bugs,anything... I might also post skewness indicator in a later post. Thanks for trying.. Akif, Market_Statistics_v1.mq4
  13. [Mods: I am sorry that I opened up a indicator thread here. But for some reason I cant manage to open a thread in trading indicators session. ] Hello to everyone. I cant remember how I ended up here in TL - it was probably the good old google but cant remember the magic keyword maybe MP?- but I have to say it was one of the best moments in my short trading experience. First I have met with Jperl's fantastic market statistics thread and then I begin to follow closely Walter's forex and trend trades threads. Walter's exploration of Forex began with Metatrader and made a good move with VMAs. Then he brought up the hidden gem "MIDAS" arcticles by Dr. Paul Levine. Actually it was only VWAPs what he is interested. But development on Metatrader stopped and they switched to Ninja Trader. And after the VWAP, Walter got lost:) I liked MT a lot and I didnt want to switch to Ninja. Then a great search began for me for the MIDAS indicators. But I couldnt find any "valid" ones that can be used as it is told in the articles. So as a good follower of the thread. I gave my shot at Dr. Paul Levine's article. I have to say it is one of the best written articles I have read. He explains everything in such a simple way so I coulnt hold myself and decided to program it in mql. Because I learned so much from this site. I decided to give something back to it. So I decided to post this indicator here. I hope you find it useful. --- And for people who are following Jperl's Market Statistics thread. I managed to program all that Volume Histogram, VWAP and SD bands in MQL. I will post them also. --- Ok first of all a warning. This is my first indicator! So beware.. I just learned MQL language while trying to build this indicator. But i think i managed to pull it. So here it is.. -MIDAS indicator with Support and Resistance lines... -You can specify the exact start date.(not just last xxx bars) -You can shift S/R lines with specified amount (Greed factor as it is told in articles) -Topfinder algorithm.(I think this is the first one ever programmed for MT4) Also I programmed the OBV indicator as it is told in articles but I am not quite sure about its usefullness after I see those VWAPs. I know that I should have prepared screenshots showing every feature but I think you can try it for yourself.. As this is my first indicator please feel free to send me any comments, bugs, ideas.. Have a nice one. Akif, MIDAS_v1.mq4 MIDASOBV_v1.mq4
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