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  1. Maybe I did not properly expressed. I am interested in the economic indicators for the FOREX for example GDP, sales of houses and etc. I need this information on each key indicator in this form: Date, Time,Actual,Forecast. I find many economic calendars, like as ForexPros with history, buy it don't have time table. For analise market reaction I need to see time. THX!
  2. Hi! I want to start to use fundamental analysis to trade. For this, I would like to explore the market reaction to yield important fundamental news. Tell me where I can download the history of all key economic data for the dollar and euro. Preferably in a detailed form. Thank you!
  3. openticks at this time don't subscribe, I'm try. TS don't open accounts to RF residents
  4. Hi 2 all! I'm retun to research volume. Where I can download 1 min ES history quotes with Up Volume & Down Volume (no ticks count)? (I'm lost database after MultiCharts crash ) Please help.
  5. Can you compare MarketProfiel vs Return Distribution? For example MSFT for 1 year? Maybe it identical?
  6. OK. I'm ready. Now I need to collect most popular trading symbols list.
  7. I'm calculate accuracy like this: i compare forecast with fact. if forecast on next day is up and fact is up, then this is true forecast, else error forecast. In up direction I understand next day close will be highest current close, similar for down direction.
  8. Are you interesting in next day direction (Up|Down) forecast? Small introduction: I'm financial analyst. Last 8 month I'm try to construct market direction forecast based on fundamental information. At this time I have one model for MSFT (Microsoft).This model have accuracy nearly 87-92%. This model don't construct for prediction price, it's not possible. I want to know,if this information is valuable for traders? Next step in this research i want to collect a list of market instruments for analyse based on your preference (near 3-5 symbols). For trial period (near month) i want to publish forecast on this forum. I will be very grateful to administration of this web site for help in organization of this experiment. You can post your ideas,wish for forecast and market symbols in this threat. Thank you! PS: Sorry for my bad English.
  9. Hi! Have anybody correlation indicator for TradeStation like this ( http://www.distilledlogic.us/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=DL_Correlation ) ? Thx!
  10. Hi walterw! Great indicator. I'm modified your code with own mov average. Look at this. I want creat indicator with automatically indicate divergence and convergence. But, need more smooth. Have you idea on this theme? thx!
  11. Hi! I'm try develop own MarketProfile. I have a problem with VAL and VAH calculation. I read SoulTrader article and calculate ValueArea,but i have very big error by price. Result in attachment xls file. Thx! Test ValArea.xls
  12. I am glad that have found this forum! Here I found a lot of new and interesting. Result of dialogue at this forum became trading strategy for ES. But I have some complexities. The matter is that the signal to purchase or sale appears at opening of a bar and does not change during formation of all bar. But I cannot make so that this signal was fulfilled at opening. Prompt, how it is possible to make? Strategy is practically ready and as soon as it a working kind with MoneyManagment I there and then it shall publish on this forum. In the attach file Excel, there results of the test. The period of testing 09.07.2006-10.03.2006. The symbol @es.d 5min. I shall be grateful if you will add the commission and slippage that authentic results have turned out. Still it would be desirable to test it in realtime, who can help to open the free-of-charge account for a month in TradeStation? The matter is that I not the resident of the USA. I hope together we shall finish strategy to mind(wit). Trade.xls
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