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  1. I am keen - will pm an email .. No Forex only ES and NQ for me
  2. Good to see you back, Thales! Good comment as always... The above link seems to have gone missing from the post. Take care, fxT
  3. Looking at the daily EURJPY I see a short opportunity in the making. Blue = entry, red = stop, green = potential targets. Cheers, fxT
  4. And the daily is also chugging along in the right direction. Cheers, fxT
  5. The weekly short has now triggered and we can only follow price along as it goes. Cheers, fxT
  6. On the 4hr chart the EU has reached support. I am anticipating a bounce to the 1.2884 area where I would look for shorts in the direction of the daily trend. Cheers, fxT
  7. And this is another way to look at the EU weekly. Whereas the 4hr and daily have already triggered short entries the weekly is still a work in progress. Cheers, fxT
  8. A look at the weekly chart indicates a rise to resistance which in itself means nothing. Subsequent price action on the daily has now confirmed that a swing short is in order. Cheers, fxT
  9. A little belatedely but EURUSD just triggered a swing short on the daily charts. As per convention, red is stop, blue is entry and green indicates potential targets. Cheers, fxT
  10. Hi Cory and Thales, We do still lurk - in fact, I have copied most of Thales's charts and comments for review. Cheers, fxT
  11. Got stopped at 1.3366 - r:r did make sense so will await next setup. cheers, fxT
  12. Entry triggered: Have an initial stop at 1.3366 and target set for 1.3252. Cheers, fxT Edit: amending my target to 1.3260
  13. This could be fun - lets see if there is any interest. cheers, fxT
  14. Stalking a short on the EURUSD as per the attached chart. Cheers, fxT
  15. Hi Cory, I think you are so focussed on the outcome of your trades and keeping score that you are forgetting that your success will be found in the processes of trading, ie right now you should probably be working on the process of defining your plan or your take on s/r or whatever else you see you are not clear about and leave the results as a natural outcome of having fine-tuned the various processes of trading to a solid consistent plan. cheers, fxT
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