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  1. My question is if I run a charting program and a separate trading execution platform, will I loose performance using this Matrox DualHead2Go. My current laptop specs are Intel Core 2Duo @ 2.26GHZ, 220HD, 4GB RAM and 32Bit Operating System.
  2. Newbie here, I am currently using CQG and have 2 indicators that are in CQG language. I am looking for help from someone that will be able to convert it to eSignal language. First one is a simple oscillator... I have included the code and a snapshot of what it looks like. 2*( MA( Mid(@),Wei,3))-( MA( MA( Mid(@),Wei,3),Wei,3)) MA(2*( MA( Mid(@),Wei,4))-( MA( MA( Mid(@),Wei,4),Wei,4)),Wei,3) The second one is Fisher Transform X:= MA(0.1*(RSI(@,RSIp)-50),Wei,WMAp); IFish:= ( Exponential(2*X)-1) / (Exponential(2*X)+1) Thanks for any help.
  3. Hello TraderLu, Currently using CQG and would like to know if you can assist with the code/language for CQG in candlestick version. Greatly appreciated. m3colonel
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