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  1. Thales so you would have entered around here on the eu. Did I hear you right about the last trade. Keep selling more and more(on the ej) So you wouldnt be just scaling out but you would be scaling in too! Please correct me if I am wrong. Thanks Don
  2. This is how I enter a postion. Thanks Don
  3. Gabe, I dont know if you were refering your test to me or not.(On the hourly) But it doesnt matter do you like my new picture? Thanks Don
  4. Thanks guys!! ........................ Don
  5. SnagIt Academic Version. Just saw SnagIt 8 Thanks Don
  6. Sorry Gabe, I have already tried. It is on SnagIt if anybody could help me. Thanks Don
  7. Could you post a 4hour chart or a Day chart. Thanks Don
  8. Hello Thales! Wouldnt it be far simplier (cant spell) to trade your system off of the hourly charts? Just wondering! Thanks Don
  9. I beleive that this will work on any time frame!! Up to 4hrs. Sorry, Brown I do believe that trades are present on the Dailys but they are much harder to predict. Thanks Don
  10. Well this time it auctually turned out to be a plus. Look out for Thales trade. Thanks Don
  11. Im in and it doesnt matter if I win or lose! Thanks Don
  12. From here I would be looking for a buy. Using tight stops!! Regular Leverage. Thanks Don
  13. I just came in and a setup occured! Thanks Don
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