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  1. Thalestrader - Thanks for all the info. You gave me some ideas and a good direction for my current research. I am currently a CPA and professional photographer in Phoenix, Arizona. It is my dream to be able to become a profitable day trader. To me, being able to make money consistently on the market with reasonable risk would be like a dream come true. I only hope I can find the right strategy based on my trading skills and personality to become profitable. You and Brownsfan019 consistently provide great insight. Thanks again.
  2. Thalestrader - What criteria do you use to decide to day trade a stock? I know you have said that you usually buy new highs and sell new lows but what other factors do you take into account in determining if the odds are in your favor? Also, what parameters do you use in setting where you will put your stop and where you will take your profit?
  3. Thalestrader- When you are buying new highs or shorting new lows how many criteria do you use to do decide it you like the trend enough to buy in? It appears you waited on DTV for the trend to reach the previous day's high before buying. I read almost all of your posts because I am currently trying to develop a day trading stategy with stocks and your approach of going through the higher % movers of the day is what I am trying to work with. How do you determine your exit stop or sell point? You post your gains on the P/L thread as cents/share. Why not put as % gain based on investment? Do you always by the same number of shares, no matter the stock? Thanks for posting so much good information. Keep it coming.
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