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    I am 25 y. young and I love to learn Wyckoff Method ( Tom Williams ).

    I learn a lot from Sebastian - I suggest everyone to look for his materials.

    Offcourse, there is also some very good ones i can suggest.

    If You need more info - i am ready to share ! Just PM me.

    I thank everyone who helps me to learn.

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  1. Hello, is there anyone who can help ? Thank You! Best, Tom
  2. Hello everyone, i am looking for alert on the volume bars. I found here indicator for Trade station but couldnt find for Ninja Trader. I also looked in google in varius forums, but didnt find it. I am looking to creat an alert when , say, the volume histogram reaches 1500 on a 5 minute chart.. or 2000 on 15 minutes chart... or like that.. It would be great if i could add how much i want alerts. I would appreciate if someone could make this indicator. Thanks a lot! Best wishes, Tom
  3. Hello everyone. Is it possible to ask to Sebastian some questions - Where i could do it ? Is there some thread or forum where he is posting more yet ? I would appreciate Your help ! Thank You. Best, Tom
  4. Hello Sebastian. I wanted to ask about timeframes from which to trade. Do You use mainly 10 minutes chart to trade ? I am learning VSA with all what i have already for ~5 month - day and night... Sometimes also in some parties i just tooke a book of Tom W. and start to read.. I am sure a lot people is not understanding me :} But I have 100 + " 1 " questions when it comes to trading .. . I hope i will have possibilities to ask those questions to You. Thank You. Best, Tom
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