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  1. You can check out The Hightower Report they have a daily newsletter which is pretty good and not too costly.
  2. it doesn't seem brian is here anymore! if he is, then contact me, i can use another broker!
  3. thanks, since the cost for both is low, i was interested in which had more flexibility. I don't want to put in all the time learning the syntax for one platform only to move to another. i have been using NT for charting right now, it is a bit clumsy and does not handle volume and continous contracts very well. but the programming features seem to be good. i was wondering if anyone had experience with both? diablo272, how do find working with NT? do you need any other programms to compliment it? thanks
  4. this is correct. the 'leg' of any position is just a single part of the trade. so in this case, it is selling the calls. this will leave you with the puts only so this position will now be bearish.
  5. i used to clerk on the NYMEX floor and traded on the NYBOT for a while. trading crude options from the screen now. anyone still interested in this thread? energyoptions (Brian) if you are still here, who do you work for?
  6. depending on the market conditions, you can get a severe case of whiplash!! with neg gamma, you have adverse selection when you cover your deltas. you will be buying the high and selling the low. do this 2-3 times and say goodbye to your premium you took in from selling the straddle. however, if the market is trending, you can ride the trend and use the straddle sale as a buffer if the market goes against you BUT not TOO much against you.
  7. I am interested in starting to system trade. I have several years of option market making experience in commodities. I also have many years of hobby programming experience (C, VB, VBA, Java, some C++). I am looking to start with a low cost platform to get my feet wet with systems and backtesting. Looking for charting also. So, any suggestions between Amibroker or Ninjatrader? are there others that i should be looking at? I am concerned mostly with energy futures and commodities, not equities. Thanks!!
  8. yes, just trying to run 3-4 monitors at the same time. not parallel processing!
  9. thanks for the suggestions! i have open PCI slots, so maybe i will just get 2 dual cards for $50 each instead of 1 quad card at $320.
  10. I am looking for a four monitor video card, any suggestions? Thanks!
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