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  1. Hi Guys, When i made my comment about the TransAct feed it was out if disappointment because I was very comfortable with the feed, and did not have to go out and pay extra for it. What I am going to do is switch over to Interactive Brokers that's all, their feed will be just fine with Multi Charts. I have been using MC for a year, and before that Sierra charts for about four years with TransAct feed, and can say I never had problems with either of them. I went to MC because of some easylanguage indicators I had otherwise I would of never left Sierra. Actually, I just might get Sierra (because I miss their charts) on my other computer with TransAct feed, and IB on my other so I can have two feeds. Cheers, email
  2. pa18, Why not ask Barry (very nice guy) from emini watch what settings to use for forex, he uses forex charts himself and he programs ninja and TS. Also, he has a video on how to use the BV indicator for forex. cheers
  3. Well that sucks for me, do you know when they will cut the feed off. I heard that people were having issues with the feed but I thought that all was good now. I know that lately allot of platforms worked on getting the Transact feed to work with their software, did they waist their time. Look at Market Delta they put allot of effort to get Trans Act feed, they cannot be that stupid. Oh well, Cheers guys and all the best this week trading, email
  4. Tams, Done, and it works. Many thanks Sir.
  5. Hi Guys, I am not very good at all with paisting indicators in multicharts, can someone please tell me how to copy and past that code into multicharts or maybe post the indicator. Many thanks, email
  6. Hi Guys, They tell me that whom ever is using TransAct futures data will not be able to use this indicator. Cheers, Email
  7. Hi guys, Glad you started this thread; most of the big time traders I know of say that they get their levels from the Big S&P and Dow. Cheers, email
  8. Hi Guys, Hope everyone had a good weekend. I am still getting that Error message when I apply MD to the chart. Could it be the feed; I am using transAct futures for data feed, maybe something with that. Cheers, email
  9. Aaron, Congratulations and many returns to you my friend, finally someone that saw the light and took the time to do the smart thing. I am in similar transition myself. I cannot believe how many thousands of posts I see in forums I belong to of people crying about there Fx broker and how they are so frustrated. If everyone took all that energy and did what you did Aaron they would be mile ahead of the game in the long run. Many thanks for sharing experience, email
  10. Hi Nick, Could you please elaborate a bit on this because i`m sure allot of others here do not have access to the TS forums. Does that also apply to Multicharts. I am assuming no because the feed comes from various sources. Thanks
  11. Yes tams, good point about the markets being closed and no feed. Many thanks to you and ant. Have a great weekend.
  12. 5 Min. YMM9 It says: Threshold1 Value 150 Thresold2 Value 300 Thresold3 value 600 Displaydelta false Type 1 Bid Ask Array Sz 1000
  13. Tams, The compile was successfull, thats what it said. Even when i open the study list is show as compiled, before it did not. Could it be that I need to change the actual setting/inputs when the indi window pops up. cheers
  14. Hi Tams, Yes, I read that post but it flew over my head, I did not get it. I am starting to understand it a bit know. Please keep in mind that I do not know a thing about code. Ok, just noticed while trying to apply the indicator to the chart that I get a red box at the bottom of the chart and it says; "Message: Error in study "Market Delta": Array bounds. Wrong index value : 20500. What does that mean. Thanks again
  15. OK, OK got it I think, it just said complete. I`m too tirred to open the chart but it seems to be ok now. I did what you said and that was to change the "i" to an x but I missed one at first, I re did it and now seems to have compiled. Thank you Sir, Emil;e
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