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  1. Hello, @Ranger, Yes, I used the code you have posted, and I tried to replace the Caramilla's formula by the Carter's formula, but the code did not work. I think I made a mistake, so I will try again, I will try to find my mistake. @Fat trails Thank you for your code. I have NT 6.5, so no problem to import the code. So, many thanks to you, Ranger and Fat trails. I will keep you informed Regards, Chloe
  2. Hello Ranger, I tried several times to modify my initial code (see page 1), taking into account all the comments / remarks received on this forum, but without any success for the time being :frustrated: So, I am still working on that code ! Chloe
  3. Hello Fat Tails, Thank you for your reply. 1) I use the Session times expressed in local time of the exchange in Multicharts. As an exemple, for CL, I use the session times for Nymex: from 6.00 p.m to 5.15 p.m (Nymex local time). So, to calculate the standart pivots (pivots from J.Carter), for the session that opens on Thursday at 6.00 p.m and closes on Friday at 5.15 p.m, I need the following inputs: - High and low of the previous session, which opened on Wednesday at 6.00 p.m and closed on Thursday at 5.15 p.m) - close of the previous session, so close on Thursday at 5.15 pm These inputs are easy to get for sessions that opens à 0.00 a.m and closed at 11.59 p.m the same day. 3) My data provider is Interactive Brokers 4) Pivot formula = J.Carter's formula, with calculation up to R4/S4 I understand that you have coded this kind of calculation for NinjaTrader. Would you be kind enough to provide me with your code ? I will try to re-write your code in easylanguage. Many thanks in advance, Best regards, Chloe
  4. Ranger, Many thanks, you are a very nice person. I will try to understand the modifications made by Statsign. So, thanks to you and Statsign. Thanks also to Tams and Blowfish who tried to help me to become autonomous using EL coding (but it is not very easy). See you next week Regards, Chloe
  5. Tams, I have well understood your advise. I fully agree with you. Let me read the thread this week-end. I will keep you informed next week. Thank you, Regards, Chloe
  6. Blowfish, You are a very funny guy !! For your information, yesterday, I spent 2 hours from 1 amto 3 am, trying to find a solution to my problem, but with no succes. I am not as good as you at coding I will try again this week end. So, please stop writting this kind of sentence "someone that is to 'busy' to help themselves ", as it is absolutly wong for me. How can you judge me, you do not know me !! Best regards, Chloe
  7. Hello Everybody, @Blowfish, I have well understood your message. As I have already written, I will try to work this week-end in order to code something, based on your inputs (threat ,..). Nevertheless, can you tell me what is the interest to have a coding forum here if we cannot request help for coding without being critisized ? @Ranger, Many thanks for your help, but I do not want you to sprend a lot of time on this code. I do not want you to waste you time. I do not know how to thank you ! @ Statsign, Thank you very much for having modified the code coming from Ranger. I do not know how to thank you ! I will try this code this week-end, and I will try to code something. I will keep you informed. Thank you a lot ! Best regards Chloe
  8. Sevensa, I am really sorry but: 1) today, I have no time to go to the Thread you advise me. 2) Ranger wrote: If you need some additional help - check me back!, that is the reason why I asked him my question: How can I modify it to calculate pivots on a session that starts at 6.00 pm (EST time) on Monday and ends on Tuesday at 5.15 pm (EST time) ? I will try to code something based on the Thread you advise me, but not before this week-end. Chloe
  9. Hello Ranger, Thank you very much for you help, I really appreciated. I tried your code on CL contract (Mar 10) Today is Tuesday. So, the session on CL started at 6.00 pm (EST time) and will end on Wednesday at 5.15 pm (EST time). The previous session started at 6.00 pm (EST time) on Monday and ended on Tuesday at 5.15 pm (EST time). To calculate the pivot points, I need the High, the Low and the Close pf the session that started at 6.00 pm (EST time) on Monday and ended on Tuesday at 5.15 pm (EST time). These values are as follows: - High = 74.36 - Low = 73.71 - Close = 73.96 I tried your code, but it seems that your pivots are calculated on a session that starts at 12 am and ends at 11.59 p.m the same day. Am I right ? How can I modify it to calculate pivots on a session that starts at 6.00 pm (EST time) on Monday and ends on Tuesday at 5.15 pm (EST time) ? Many thanks in advance for your help Bets regards, Chloe
  10. Hello, Ok Tams and Blowfish. I will try to code something, but I do not know how to start !! I will read the thread you advise. I will see if I can find an idea. Regards Chloe
  11. Hello Tams, I really do not understand why you are so agressive against me: "Don't just come here when you needed help, and disappear when you are done". I come on this forum each day, not only when I need help. Last week, a member of this forum sent a mail to me to request help to install the TTM anchor. I tried to help him as much as possible, so I think i offer my help in that case. what is your rationale for trying to achieve what you want to do ? I trade CL, ES, YM, FCE with pivots point approach. I discovered that the code I used to calculate the pivot points was wrong with futures contracts whose session spread on two days. So, I would like to modify this code in order to have a good calculation of the pivot points, which I use for my daily trading. The best way to solicite "help" is to have a dialog... without disrespect. I fully agree with you Tams. So, what do I have to do to silicite your hep ? Thank you in advance Best regards Chloe
  12. Hello Sevensa, I am realy sorry, but I am not very good at programming and my knowledge of the Easylanguage is limited. Therefore, it is very hard for me to provide help on the forum when people ask question related to coding. If I can help, I do it with great pleasure. You wrote: " I've noticed looking at your previous posts that the only time you post is when you need help installing, or modifying indicators". I am sorry, but please look at my previous post again ! I posted two codes in the file TTM anchor, so I do not post only when I need help. Chloe
  13. Hello, I use the attached MC code to calculate the daily pivot points automatically. This calculation works very well when the session starts and ends in the same day (as an example, for futures on CAC40 (FCE), which opens at 8.00 am and closes at 10.00 pm in the same day). But for futures such as crude oil (CL), which opens at 6.00 pm and closes at 5.15 pm the next day, the automatic pivot points calculation does not work. I would like to request your help to modify this code to take into account futures contracts whose session spreads on two days. Thank you in advance for your help Best regards, Chloe TTM DAILY PIVOTS.pla
  14. Hi Thrunner, So, I re-installed the Elcollections, then the ADE add-on and finally the TZU add-on. I imported the indicators you privided in post 37. I can now confirm that the TTM anchor works very well. I do not know how to thank you. I really appreciated you help and support. So, once again, thank you very much Thrunner. You will find attached to indicators: * TTM trend Anchor ticks (for ticks): I have modified you code in order to select the number of time frames (not only 4, but 1 to 4) * TTM trend Anchor time (for minutes, daily, weekly and monthly): I have modified you code in order to select the number of time frames (not only 4, but 1 to 4) Best regards, Chloe TTM TREND ANCHOR TICKS.pla TTM TREND ANCHOR TIME.pla
  15. Hi thrunner, Thanks for your precious support. As you advised, I will install again Elcollections then ADE add-on and then TZU add-on. I will keep you informed tomorrow See you soon Best regards, Chloe
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