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  1. No. they are lying and it will not return what they say
  2. Expands on the first one and then connects this with payroll on Friday and many new concepts. TL! Videos
  3. Video on soybeans: TL! Videos
  4. Euroyen gave a weekly sell on April 6 on the divergence so this week as it has not made new highs it couldn't give fresh signal. the daily Icho clound could cross lower too soon. Its much like the Swiss yen and Kiwi Yen. In conclusion yes it is negative as well.
  5. Today's video covering the yen. TL! Videos
  6. Todays video: Quantify Divergence TL! Videos
  7. Market Analysis from April 20, 2009 TL! Videos
  8. Major structural weakness in Yen in the cross rates. Video parts 1-3. By Shaun Downey Technical Analyst for CQG Part 1 TL! Videos Part 2 TL! Videos Part 3 TL! Videos
  9. This is a follow up to what I spoke about on Cnbc last week and just shows how I came to the conclusions for those that missed it. Has various nuggets such as spreads and profile . TL! Videos
  10. Big set ups on stocks, index's, bonds, oil, and oil stocks. TL! Videos TL! Videos
  11. They are one and the same thing. They are a proprietry study I developed that look at the strength and length of trend to create a skew so if the trend is down the pivots below will be wider apart than the ones above. They are formed once the bar opens so you have a fixed reference for the day. For the reports I reference the daily levels, but have built them for all timeframes for use in algorithmic execution as well as tehnical analysis based trades. There are a variety of patterns and relationships that they can be used for, but one of the main ones is the connection with extremes of range for the day, and then connecting that with the extreme of range for the time of day for a specific timeframe chart eg 30 minutes. This uses another study called Volatility Time Bands. My book Trading Time http://www.trading-time.com goes into great detail about these and other studies I have built and how this can be connected with Market Profile. The studies themselves are availible on the Cqg platform http://www.cqg.com. I'll post some more videos over the next few weeks that show some connections. Shaun
  12. Part 1 and Part 2 is listed below. Thanks. TL! Videos TL! Videos
  13. Video blog from Feb. 13, 2009. Follow up from this post. TL! Videos
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