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  1. texbest

    Oec Indicators

    thank you tikitrader for taking the time to inform me and others of this useful information so that we may help ourselves. i will thank frank also. texbest
  2. texbest

    Oec Indicators

    tams, thank you for the not so useful information but for the record i am 18 for 20 in emini trades with what i have to work with. and i will eventually find out how to import an indicator on my own. at 63 y/o i am in a new learning curve but i will get there. perhaps i was wrong thinking this site was a good place to learn and get advice. texbest
  3. texbest

    Oec Indicators

    thanks for the indicator link here on t/s. traderlu has posted some interesting indicators and im wondering if anyone knows if they will work on the oec platform? and if so how can i import them to the platform. im a bit of a dufus when it comes to file importing. i did download the ttm scalper and imported it through my layouts and it said it was successful but i cant find it. any help greatly appreciated. texbest
  4. hi, texbest here, new to this forum but am glad to have found it. i am an eoc trader since aug 1 and like it very much. i trade mainly s&p emini and am wondering if anyone knows where i can get (free or purchase) custom indicators. i am specifically looking for the slow stochastic that the traders use at traders international. they say it is a slow stochastic with special perimeters. i have seen it in some videos and it looks like a good indicator. it is overlapped on top of the candles and seems to be non lagging. anyway, if anyone knows where i might find such an animal i would really appreciate it and maybe some people on this forum also could use it.
  5. well, being a newby (sorta) i have always thought there was a primary broker with data feed capabilities such as oec with their bx data center and the smaller brokerages would buy data feed from them. and if true i was wondering if the larger brokerages have perhaps a small advantage in speed of execution of contracts such as reportedly lightspeed has because they moved close to the nasdaq building. texbest
  6. am considering oec. are they an introducing broker or are they like a data center broker. which one might have the fastest fill rate? texbest
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