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  1. Sorry I have not visited this thread for a while. I did take Frank's course recently. It is very good. I have not completed it fully. But I am impressed with the content. Cleared many of my doubts. As the above poster mentioned, Frank is very generous and is very helpful.
  2. Frank seems to have changed his timing methodology recently. I know many like him here. Anyone who has recently taken the course or been to his chat room can comment on whether he is successful recently. Has he stopped posting his daily trades on his websites I could not find any of his trades since July 07.
  3. Any latest updates on JPJ trading. Can anyone who has taken the training recently comment?
  4. Thanks btfox. That was helpful. Did you find out how the long course differs from short course? I am a day trader who swing trades some times. Does short course covers both day trading and swing trading.
  5. I am newbie to Market Profile though I have been day/swing trading for ES for few years. I read Mind Over Markets and ready for next level. From the forum postings, I understand that cisco futures course could be good start. Anyone had experience with their long / short courses. How does they differ. From the website, short course is for day trader and long course is for swing trader. I am primarily a day trader however I do swing trade. Do I need to take both the courses? Any comments on cisco futures course or suggestions for any other MP course will be greatly appreciated.
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