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  1. There are two reasons I like ACFX: Firstly, they have the best customer service. Whenever I request a call back, I get a call instantly and looked at my queries. Secondly, moneybookers is the method I use for withdrawals and it takes only 15mins to reach to my account. Several times I’ve withdrawn up to 3K. I hope ACFX keeps the service level as good as now and I will be here to write something good about them till then.
  2. Hello all I found this site looking for new indicator to take for a spin. found out now I needed 3 posts (does this count as 1?) anyway I have been forex paper trading for about 4 months now using demo acct from ALP*** (dont know if I can use names). Because of my situation I have been lucky enough to imerse myself in forex study. Many years ago I was trading Penny stocks for maybe a year and somebody else got all my pennies however, it was a great education. I currently work in pound/dollar and euro/dollar. I started out in the yen but i seem to like the faster pace and more pips of the aforemention 2. My trading platform : MT4 (pretty good) wish i new more about programming as I would like to tweak a few things. Current Indicators: 1. Stocs 2: macd 3. awesome oscillator (will be trying out TRO tunnel dragon this week) PC: 3 .2 with 2 gig ram dual 22' monitors My personal trading goal: 500 day /5 days a week... overlooking the ocean If there is any knowledge I have that I can empart I would be happy to do so All the best, Enjoy the Trend and Trade Well ! Scott
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