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  1. Where can i find the Holy Grail? :haha: Congrats!
  2. im using IRT (=marketdelta) and Ninja Dom, both are feeded with Zenfire. "Today 6/29 right after the consumer confidence number came out the iq feed and zen fire stayed the same at first but about 15 seconds after the release there was a difference of up to 2 points in the es." I had the samething, IRT was for almost a minute 2 points behind the Ninja Dom Both are based on the same feed. Not sure if IRT or Ninja is the problem but there was a big difference.
  3. O66

    Compile Error MC

    thanks! it's working now
  4. Hi im trying to compile below code in MultiCharts but no luck. any ideas? thanks. Inputs: Length( 9 ); Value1 = Cum(UpTicks - DownTicks) ; Value2 = Average(Value1, Length) ; If Value2 > Value2 1 bar ago then Begin Plot1(Value2, "AccVol", Green, default, 1) ; End Else Begin Plot1(Value2, "AccVol", Red, default, 1); End ; Study: "CumVolume" (Indicator) Please wait .... ------ Compiled with error(s): ------ syntax error, cannot reference previous values in such expression errLine 8, errColumn 12, errLineEnd 8, errColumnEnd 12 causal study: (Function)
  5. after 4.5 hour live feed with Zenfire, chart looks like this: image 1 after backfill with DTN: image2 Cumulative delta on image 1 is about 33000 Image 2 is showing 28000 cumulative delta which is less but since im plotting delta here more is not always better. I assume the backfilled image2 is correct somewhere during the last 4.5 hours i lost 5000 negative cumulative delta with Zenfire feed I have a dual internet connection (adsl and cable) and am using a dual wan router with fail over. Of course it is possible that i lost connection for a second but that doesnt explain that other traders at the other end of the world have the same chart (before backfill) in Ninja feeded with zenfire. My conclusion is that it is not my charting package, its not my connection. It must be the feed. The backfill option for zenfire as mentioned in multicharts forum is interesting Hopefully it will be available soon so that we can test and compare.
  6. Thanks. I was afraid for this. Imo Zenfire isnt usable for trading where bidxask info is needed. (you dont want to backfill every few minutes) DTN Iq.feed is for now the solution for feeding my IRT charts.
  7. indicator is based on bidxask, but same issue in Ninja with Zenfire charts in Irt and Ninja feeded with zenfie are equal, when backfilling chart in IRT with DTN feed its changing the backfilled chart is equal as chart with DTN used for livefeed
  8. really? see this: http://www.tradersinfo.net/jing/2009-12-18_2106.png
  9. I’m using zenfire feed with Investor RT (Linnsoft) (Zenfire via Mirus futures) Via Irt I also have backfilling possibility via DTN My charts are quite often completely different after backfill See indicator pane (cumulative delta (bidxask)): http://www.charthub.com/images/2009/12/14/Fulcrum_4 and after DTN backfill: http://www.charthub.com/images/2009/12/14/Fulcrum_5 I compared my chart with other traders who are using Zenfire with Ninja charts and they have exactly the same chart as my first chart (before backfill) My conclusion is that it is not Irt or my connection but there is a difference between Zenfire and DTN Both feeds are known as quality feeds. Any ideas?
  10. dont know if this is the right place to do it since this thread is about scalping, but I have a question about Shapiro, 1) does the price bar have to make a "floater" above the SD band before the pb bar qualifies as a Shapiro bar? Or does 1 bar just have to close > the SD band and the next bar that reverses under the SD band is the Shapiro bar even without an earlier "floater" above the band? Using Buy as example 2) what if there are successive bars that sit right on the SD band with Close < Open but the HIGHs keep getting LOWer. Do you use the last bar HIGH and keep moving the entry price LOWer or is the 1st bar that crossed the SD line used as the HIGH/entry price? Thanks
  11. Thanks for your comments jperl. vwap was above pvp and i thought only longs were allowed in this scenario. i understand now from your comments (and after watching again the 1st video in this thread) that the first attempt to break down the sd to the downside @ 12:42 (18.42 on my chart) was a valid short (had to take the heat while retracing to vwap) was so focused on the vwap below vpv thing for shorts that i missed the new setup is waiting for breaking down and retracing back (with shapiro) to sd a good way to avoid the false breakouts? thanks
  12. 1 valid short on the russel today. (setups i know) Vwap seems to slow for russel and is most of the day above vpv
  13. wasnt easy today in the afternoon we had vwap below pvp but price action above. Shorts didnt work.
  14. 3 newbie trades in a row today on the ER, each good for 4 points nice vwap shuffle!
  15. Ok no problem. i did find an eld which im testing now. (cost $100,-) see screenshot red lines are yesterdays high and low area and in the middle yesterdays closing pvp. The dark blue lines are todays pvp. is this chart correct ? also this one is working (cost 150,-) http://www.theswingmachine.com/Price_Distrib_Anal/PriceDist_Main.htm but he if i can find it for free..... also thinking about switching to Investor/RT need good charts...any ideas about this?
  16. blowfish is the pvp eld you are using available? im using also multicharts but cant find a working eld thanks
  17. Thanks for sharing Jperl! Your timing is perfect after 4.5 years trying i'm more then ready to say goodbye to the classic indicators like CCI , MA, etc. Im looking forward to the next threads and videos Im using MultiCharts whice uses ELD's like tradestation. I found someone who can create the pvp. Is plotting on a (2 min) intraday chart enough or does the ELD for pvp needs more functionality for the upcomming lessons ? (plotting weekly ? etc.) thanks!
  18. had the same error in compiling in MultiCharts, i replaced i to iz now its compiling fine: inputs: Threshold1( 150 ), Threshold2( 300 ), Threshold3( 600 ), DisplayDelta( false ), Type( 1 ), // 1 = Use Upticks/Downticks, 2 = Use Bid/Ask BidAskArraySz( 1000 ); variables: TickSize( MinMove / PriceScale ), PriceAtIndex( Open ), BaseIndex( BidAskArraySz/2 ), Red1(RGB(255,185,185)), Red2(RGB(255,128,128)), Red3(RGB(255,0,0)), Red4(RGB(128,0,0)), Green1(RGB(210,255,210)), Green2(RGB(125,255,125)), Green3(RGB(0,255,0)), Green4(RGB(0,128,0)), iz( 0 ); variables: intrabarpersist Price( 0 ), intrabarpersist MyVol( 0 ), intrabarpersist VolTmp( 0 ), intrabarpersist LastTick( 0 ), intrabarpersist MyCurrentBar( 0 ), intrabarpersist Index( 0 ), intrabarpersist BidAskDelta( 0 ), intrabarpersist xDelta( 0 ), intrabarpersist TextString(""), intrabarpersist MyUpTicks( 0 ), intrabarpersist MyDownTicks( 0 ); Arrays: intrabarpersist Bid[](0), intrabarpersist Ask[](0); Array_SetMaxIndex( Bid, BidAskArraySz ); Array_SetMaxIndex( Ask, BidAskArraySz ); if (Type = 1 or Type = 2) and LastBarOnChart and BarType < 2 then begin MyVol = Ticks; PriceAtIndex = Open; if CurrentBar > MyCurrentBar then begin VolTmp = 0; MyCurrentBar = CurrentBar; MyUpTicks = 0; MyDownTicks = 0; for iz = 0 to BidAskArraySz - 1 begin Bid[iz] = 0; Ask[iz] = 0; end; end; Index = BaseIndex + (Close - PriceAtIndex) / TickSize; if InsideBid < InsideAsk then begin if Type = 1 then begin // Use Upticks/Downticks if DownTicks <> MyDownTicks then Bid[index] = Bid[index] + MyVol - VolTmp else if UpTicks <> MyUpTicks then Ask[index] = Ask[index] + MyVol - VolTmp else begin if Close <= LastTick then Bid[index] = Bid[index] + MyVol - VolTmp else Ask[index] = Ask[index] + MyVol - VolTmp; end; end else begin // Use Bid/Ask // Warning: TradeStation provides snapshot of bid/ask if Close <= InsideBid then Bid[index] = Bid[index] + MyVol - VolTmp else if Close >= InsideAsk then Ask[index] = Ask[index] + MyVol - VolTmp else begin // Last tick was between bid/ask if Close <= LastTick then Bid[index] = Bid[index] + MyVol - VolTmp else Ask[index] = Ask[index] + MyVol - VolTmp; end; end; end; MyUpTicks = UpTicks; MyDownTicks = DownTicks; VolTmp = MyVol; LastTick = Close; xDelta = 0; Price = Low; while Price <= High begin Index = BaseIndex + (Price - PriceAtIndex) / TickSize; TextString = NumToStr(Bid[index],0) + " x " + NumToStr(Ask[index],0); Value99 = Text_New(Date, Time, 0, " "); Text_SetString(Value99, TextString); Text_SetLocation(Value99, Date, Time, Price); Text_SetStyle(Value99, 1, 1); BidAskDelta = Ask[index] - Bid[index]; if BidAskDelta > Threshold3 then Text_SetColor(Value99, Green4) else if BidAskDelta > Threshold2 then Text_SetColor(Value99, Green3) else if BidAskDelta > Threshold1 then Text_SetColor(Value99, Green2) else if BidAskDelta >= 0 then Text_SetColor(Value99, Green1) else if BidAskDelta < -Threshold3 then Text_SetColor(Value99, Red4) else if BidAskDelta < -Threshold2 then Text_SetColor(Value99, Red3) else if BidAskDelta < -Threshold1 then Text_SetColor(Value99, Red2) else Text_SetColor(Value99, Red1); xDelta = xDelta + BidAskDelta; Price = Price + TickSize; end; if DisplayDelta = true then begin Value99 = Text_New(Date, Time, 0, " "); Text_SetString(Value99, NumToStr(xDelta, 0 )); Text_SetLocation(Value99, Date, Time, Low - TickSize); Text_SetStyle(Value99, 1, 1); if xDelta >= 0 then Text_SetColor(Value99, Green) else Text_SetColor(Value99, Red); end; end;
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