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  1. Yes this is a rubrics cube, which dominated more time and frustration which I care to admit, getting the platform/charting/order entry with the indicators, the broker is the least consideration, since they all have competitive fees now...If u venture outside of the standard indicators that every charting package has.. Think I would go for TradesStation,, cause u get what u pay for... I'm a Ninjatrader now due to the various gurus I followed over the years, but seem like most pro traders depend on TradeStation..
  2. The situation one runs into using data "bar data" aka: OHLC , End Of Day, Was the High price made before the Low price or versa? Can make a real difference in some systems especially minute bars that the range can be vast in one minute, when the entry and stop could be hit on the same bar.. Its one thing recognizing the various charting formations after the fact(bar data), (i'm 100%) but recognizing the patterns as they are occurring, priceless...
  3. The next challenge u will face is one of going back and looking at historical trades, any thing beside real data coming in is historical.. Depending on the time frame of ur charts and how close to the tic ur entries and exits are, u might spend ur whole career trying to figure out, why the backtrading looks so good but I lost my account real time.. The most pure historical data is tic data,, but finding enough of it in the platform u like and can afford, will be the next challenge which is really the first challenge.. Charts may change subtly everytime u reload the chart.. Also some of the providers skip tics or the volume data is inaccurate if ur trading system depends on these... The further u get away from minute bars the more ur charts may change on reloads.. Wish I would have known this 15yrs ago....
  4. Any you guys in the TM chartroom for open house,, I'm in HenJ handle
  5. Charles admits in the room that he is more successful trading the bonds, and the 10yr note, since is easier to place stops and the 10y bond has 50% less volatility, says there is more a relationship to cash, he thinks.. He says he finds it almost impossible to find good stop levels on the ES. Yes it does bother me that all of a sudden every bar has an indicator of something on it, so when they point the indicator out in the room, I just think right!! As I was educated on MP (don't know if I learned anything) the mechanics was that the market tended to mostly not trend and revert back to the mean.. The market profile of previous days seems to make sense to me.. Why there are these low volume areas is a mystery to me, other then no trade there, but why??? dont have a clue. The fat area in the middle makes since, since the MP is like a moving average with a continuous time frame. Support and resistance for the next day is developed from the end of day MP max peaks and max valleys , the the second max, 3rd max. If the market gaps up or down overnight????? I'm a mechanical person, just by personality, so I'm trying a adapt the MP as a verifying feature for a mechanical system. I get in trouble at the ends (new highs, new lows) thinking that the market can't go higher or lower and the MP theory normally says its gonna rotate back,, then it curtains for my trade when it breaks out.
  6. Seems like you have some experience with the 3-2-1 method/software and chat room?? I have the software, mainly because I have a life time license to TM so costs me $0 but they charge me $150/mo for the 3-2-1 charts + another $120 for esignal feed, since their data feed isn't accurate for volume, its like IB data. I'm back in the room to verify that my charts were working "right".. With the new volitility one or many of the software signals seem to show up on every bar and not just turning points , like when I got the the software a month ago.. Course they are teaching that you should not trade the software indicators but trade an idea based on volume and news??? and if the indicators coincide, all the better. The only success I have had was with the 10 yr note,, but still trying to see if the software indicators are worth the money.. so far not worth it for me. I've actually reversed the deceleration of buy/selling signals and seem to work better. Maybe the key is just deceleration somewhere.
  7. check the MARKO entry,, link to open house. There is not much chat in the room , so best to be in the room before the bond opens, or before the ES opens.. Other good time is the noon update or market close recap
  8. https://admin.acrobat.com/_a830662945/r37282848/
  9. Even the Browns can beat the odds and superbowl champs, once in a while,, but thats not how the smart money bets!
  10. My point is that you have a better chance of surviving Russian roulette 5/6 = 83%. Survival rate is much smaller in trading, sorry thats just what the numbers say over 90% die,, you disagree??.. No room or group of people can beat the odds.. Now don't get me wrong, its a great hobby "everyone spends their extra money on something", so you can have a little fun, but if baby needs new shoes, one way is as good as another, or just aim it at your foot, but eventually the odds catch up with you. Think the risk disclosure by the CFTC should be more strongly worked. CLICK
  11. So where was the best place to post this??? The other posts say come here and now you say go to there,, buy no sell no !! Probably doesn't matter much if you take back underwear you didn't like for 30 days,, since you had a full 30 days to try it out. When there is only around 20 trading days a month, right away thats 1/3 of the time gone, take another 5 days for shipping back and forth,, now you are down to a 15 day trial and not 30 days of usable time. So thats only $200 a day bet you making,, hey doesn't sound so bad like that! Club 3000. I didn't use the "S" word.. but there are some other hoops they make you jump through.
  12. Anyone tried the 30 days and got a refund.. Seems like starting the time for the refund the day you order and having them receive the sw back withing the 30 days,, just isnt 30 day trial but something else..
  13. I dont think there is a winning system out there.. There are some gifted traders who use tools to help them win.. I myself have never made back the money I have spent on systems, software, data feeds, charting packages. This is gambling you have the same chance against the house in this arena. If you question the seemly successful traders in any room they all have been in the trading business for a while,, the rest of us come and go. You got to ask yourself, can I beat the best players in the world?? well, can you punk!!
  14. How about that Woodies "cci", where the creator of the cci indicator ,Lambert, never traded the indicator nor intended the indicator to be traded.. Now thats taking it to another step!!!
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