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  1. hi, in post 10, the bar I doesnt have volume less than the 2 previous bar. Only the bar before. the 2 bars is a modification of VSA only? thanks in advance.
  2. reading previous posts i see someone using the nick "Anonymous" but that people reffer as "PP" and he posted many indicators for VTtrader. Maybe someone that read the entire thread or has/had contact with him know if he was using eSignal too? Id like to know if it will benefitial for me to download these indicators and use with CMS VTtrader (FREE). and, someone here has all indicators he posted in the threads in a zip format? thanks in advance.
  3. i was comparing with Ninjatrader Gain feed. Its matches on many bars but certainly is not the same many thanks jjthetrader.
  4. hi can someone with eSginal data post a few recent charts of Forex instruments? Using 5, 15 and/or 60 min? or just send me in pm, or just a link here, don't need to post the image direct here. thanks in advance.
  5. many thanks for reply Tasuki. did you compare many charts? Tradestation data feed is from Gain, right? best regards.
  6. hi eSignal is the only way to have reliable volume with Forex? thanks in advance.
  7. hi jjthetrader sorry for not post the image. Looks like your image is the correct point. It was the previous top, yesterday (23/12) 1 hour time frame. 08:00 GMT bar. and i need to say that talking in private with another VSA expert (from another forum) i am even more confuse. So, please help me. :crap: thanks for reply.
  8. hi. page 200 looks like a good point to start to post. i need read the entire VSA thread 1 and this thread too. But i need to post a pattern i saw today in Forex. I see people took 2 trades in Forex today but the best pattern i saw today was in USDCAD. The bar before the top was what i believe a super buying climax and the next bar was a very narrow spread bar. A "doji". I believe this was a ND bar. this is correct? I was introcued in VSA by speres who already posted in this thread. It was 1 year ago but i found the book too much difficult and gave up with it. Then this year after read some advices i decided to try it again. Then i am reading Master The Markets again. i will very gratefull for any comments. And sorry for my horrible English.
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