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  1. its so tough to stay consistent! are you still doing it? I stopped for awhile and thinking getting back in.
  2. Good to see you're still on the HSI MK!
  3. Hi Thales, Sign me up for the party!
  4. EU was stopped for -.5. Current stalk EU
  5. Filled, stop moved to -.5r. 3.2x or bust
  6. EU was stopped out. This PA here today is just WTF... Anything is possible.
  7. Missed a UJ long this evening, and currently stalking EU short
  8. UJ was stopped yesterday. There was a clear 123 to the upside. Currently stalking EU short on limit
  9. UJ ended up not triggering but I forgot to pull the trade. marking that as a -1. Currently short UJ
  10. UJ short stalk, didn't trigger. I didn't take the long trade. It is valid but I have found it difficult for me to take such trades.
  11. I didn't put on this trade this morning. So far its looking good.
  12. Took this EU long. Don't like it one bit as the down move seemed very impulsive.
  13. Today the PA was very trending. Caught me off guard as there were no trades on the EU. GU current stalk
  14. Took 2 attempts to short on EU. The first short was executed rather poorly (not beating self). The 2nd short I am very happy with no matter what the outcome is. These 1min quick rejections are another animal to trade.
  15. Here's a GU setup that I skipped. Reasons in the chart
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