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  1. Tom Tom, Thanks for the update. I sure wish he would start posting some analysis on the forums again.
  2. David Weis, a Wyckoff specialist, uses tick charts with volume. He has an indicator that totals the tick volume of each wave that forms. It is called the Weis Wave. I have watched some of his webinars he did with Gavin Holmes of tradeguider. Looks like David prefers tick charts over time based chart to analyze volume.
  3. I think he may have some posts in this website. He goes by the name VSA Trader in the other trading forums. I don't think I should provide the link to other forums here. I would google his name to see if some links come up.
  4. I have recently been studying the material posted by Sebastian Manby in the various trading forums. They are several years old, but excellent stuff. It is some of the best that I have seen. His analysis of the ES using price and volume is just like Tom Williams. It is very clear and easy to understand. I became to understand how important market conditions are, as Tom Alexander explains in his Market Profile book, which I believe is a very fine book. Price and volume can appear highly unreliable if you do not take in to the account the bigger picture in my opinion. Within the proper market context, I find volume extremely useful in trading the NQ. I just wish I can find more recent material posted by Sebastian, but have no luck so far.
  5. I have been waiting eagerly for David Weis's book to be published. Looks like it will come out in early 2013, according to the Amazon website. In the mean time, I should probably go to his website to learn more about the Wyckoff method.
  6. I recall reading somewhere in this forum that Eiger is actually Dr. Dayton. His analysis on this forum is my favorite since the setups he looks for are clearly explained in detail using VSA principles. By the way, Gavin has a 2nd book that shows the sequence of VSA principles that he looks for before taking a trade. I think it may still be available for free. I thought that this book helps out a lot in avoiding low probability trades, and adds a lot of structure in analyzing the market.
  7. I am a follower of the VSA/Wyckoff approach, especially Tom Williams. Recently, the folks at Tradeguider has embraced the Weis Wave, developed by David Weis, a Wyckoff specialist. It looks like it accumulates the total volume of not the individual bars, but rather the waves that forms. Is this another tool that should be mastered to acquire the skills necessary to trade VSA? It looks like Dr. Dayton has totally embraced this tool as well. Personally, I feel that there is no reason to add any new material to those taught by Tom Williams, the father of VSA. I am interested in any opinions you may have. Thanks
  8. I purchased "Trading in the Shadow" a few months ago. It looks like a marketing brochure for the software. A lot of the charts are hard to see with so many of the TG software features plastered all over. Tom William's material is highly superior, in my opinion.
  9. I recently purchased a book written by Gavin Holmes of Tradeguider. I thought I could learn some new material on the Wyckoff method. The book turned out to be a marketing brochure for the software. I regret buying the book. It is sad that the name Wyckoff is used in this book. Comparing Wyckoff's original course to this book is like comparing a Ferrari to a AMC Gremlin. Attending free webinars from them is more of the same. They sell mentorships, trading courses, seminars, software, VSA club, etc. I tried Al Brooks free trial in his trading room since I trade the NQ off of a 5 min chart. The commentary was so vague that it was virtually useless. Plus, Al maintains that volume is useless, which is a insane thing to say. It is no wonder his read on the market in real time was not good to say the least. DbPhoenix, you are so right about the Gold Rush thing. Vendors are sellling so many stuff that it is mind numbing. I have read so many different books that it is not funny. Time for me to clear all garbage and focus on the original course.
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