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  1. V Jedi, I have studied a little VSA. How are you using it to identify the larger traders that can move the market? Thanks.
  2. I recently read a post by Dr. Brett about Median Volume levels per 30 min period. The idea was that when the volume was significantly above the median for that period, larger players were likely involved in the market at that time. It got me thinking on how else to identify larger players in the ES market. Can anyone share things they use that they feel identifies the larger traders? I have Market Delta and intend to try and use some of their tools to help answer this question. Thanks very much.
  3. Hello, I have been watching the $VOLD closely along with the e-mini S&P futures. I can say with confidence that the e-mini will often pop long before the $VOLD moves on my charts. My idea is to try and simulate or build a $VOLD indicator that is quicker to respond than the one on my charts. eSignal with Market Delta. Is this a crazy idea, or has anyone thought of something similar? I think that the $VOLD is only "pushed" through the data feed rather than being a true real time indicator. Thanks for any thoughts or ideas. butch1130
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