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  1. Hi would u mind sharing the tradeintensity indicator with me?


  2. Hii

    Is your tradeintensity indicator is done with smoothing? i know u said u won't share it in thread but can u share it with me ? just asking mate



  3. Hii

    do u trade using viper indicator? how good is it?



  4. Hii

    I would like to purchase your product could you give me some good discount?



  5. I have got one question regarding VWAP.. is VWAP with Std Deviation1 will give same value as DVAH and DVAL ? thanks
  6. Hii.. If anyone can help me here getting the defination of followings? Thanks in advance No Demand No Supply Test Stopping Volume
  7. Hi anyone knows any indicator.. . that will actually do the following It collects multiple data sets from every trade on the NYSE on a tick by tick basis, providing us with a unique x-ray of the underlying market environment I think combine with this indi with S/R / pivot we can do very well in futures market.. anyone knows any indi about this ? thanks
  8. hi can u explain your method a little bit? thanks
  9. Hi I have found this momentum indication from one of the website anyone out there can code this? thanks
  10. Hi I have came across a good momemtum indicator... with macd built in on this.. any good coder out there to build it? thanks
  11. Blowfish I hope you know that how many people loose trading futures every year so don't you think sharing a system would not be a big help but wud be a little help?
  12. Hi Has anyone used feltontrading method? link is http://www.feltontrading.com Any review on that? Also http://www.eminitradingstrategies.com/ any review on that too? Thanks
  13. Sharing a system is not stealing
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