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  1. Thanks for the reply wrbtrader. You brought up some good points and I agree completely. I have been trading for many years and as you can imagine I have made every stupid mistake possible. Some of the biggest were using indicators, the search of the holy grail, and not fully realizing the impact of the physcological aspect of trading . I was lucky enough to have a small company and home office that allows me to take part of my day and set it aside for trading. The business is in a dying industry so I have been trying to increase trading profits to supplement my income and gradually replace it. Personally I feel that to be successful in trading there are many things that need to be mastered. If you have an issue with any one of them it can create problems in the other areas. For instance you have a method that is working just fine. You tested it in sim for months and things are working great. You start trading it live and everything is going well. All of a sudden things change and it doesn't work as well as it used to. You stay disciplined and stick to your setup and next thing you know you have sizable losses. What happened? The market changed and what was once working no longer does. You go back to the drawing boards and start over. You test, trade sim and find another edge for a trade and the process repeats. Now even though you thought that you had the mental aspect under control it rears its ugly head.
  2. Is there anyone out there that makes a living from trading futures? Personally I've had a hard time transitioning from a part time profitable trader to a full time profitable trader. There is something about the way relying on it to feed your family changes things. If there are any profitable traders out there that are willing to share what you do I'm sure many others and myself included would appreciate it.
  3. Hi M, It's really nice of you to share your trades and ideas. I have CQG and their data seems good. Thanks, Ed
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