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  1. Hello, I was looking for some feedback on OptionPit.com services - Has anyone ever taken any of their courses? If so, what did you think? Has it helped your trading. I am interested in their Gold course but wanted to get some thoughts from those who have gone through it before? PM me or reply here would be appreciated! Thank you!
  2. Thank you. I understand the point you are making. I get that all the testimonials and references does not mean anything when it comes to my own trading learning. If there were 10 total people who took his class and lets say 8 out of those 10 learned enough to give them a solid foundation to trade with then that tells me something. If 2 out of the 10 only did, then that also tells me something. Gathering others thoughts who have taken the course can give me an idea of what it's about from a students perspective and what the gained from it. Not saying that two people will have same results or process things but it can give me an idea of the structure and if that structure works for me. There have been other courses out there that I talked to people who took it about it and even though they ranted how great it was for them, I realized it wasn't something that would work for me. Even though there were great reviews. I know that trading is an individual basis but if I told you I can trained 100 people and 90 of them turned out to be successful traders, wouldn't you be interested in it? If I told you I trained 100 people but only 2-3 were successful at it afterwards, would you be as interested? Jordan Belfort came up with a script for his brokers to read off from and they made money by following that script. Had huge success with it. As in trading, being a sales guy depends on the individual. I can try to sell someone a house and they won't buy it. You can try to sell the same house and they will. The product didn't change. Why do you think people buy Jordan's selling course? There are many variables in selling DNA as in trading DNA so why would someone buy another guys method to sell? I can go on and on but I was not looking for this thread to be a buyer beware and understanding that not all trading methods work for others, etc. I get all of that. I just wanted to see if there was anyone on here that took his course and what their results, thoughts, etc were on it. How long did it take them to understand the method taught and once they did learn it, did it work for them? He's been around for quite some time so that has to stand for something. But regardless, thank you for your advice I do appreciate it and respect the advice you are giving. I know you're wanting to be cautious and to understand that not all courses are created equally for everyone. With that being said.... Has anyone taken
  3. Thanks. I'll keep the question simple: Has anyone taken this course? Or know someone who has? What was your feedback?
  4. Not sure what the point of your sarcastic response was for. If you don't see any value in it or have no use for it, that's fine, but that does not mean nobody else does not. If you have never taken the course or don't know anything about it, you don't have to reply to my thread. It's not about looking for a "shortcut" but learning from someone who can provide the knowledge and a method to trade efficiently. Nothing wrong with that.
  5. Hello, I ran across EminiTutor.com and have been considering taking the course offered. I wanted to see if anyone here has taken this course? It's pricey but if its as good as it seems, then its definitely worth it. Was hoping I can find some guys on here that can give me first hand feedback on it? It seems legit and has been around for several years. Watching Horst trade is pretty amazing how he does it. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  6. Has anyone ever taken Horst Bauer's tutoring? Emini Tutor?
  7. Hello Emini Traders, Anyone exclusively or daily trades TF? Masking the switch to Eminis from Equities. Found a lot if interest in TF. Doesn't seem as choppy as the ES or manipulated. Does the TF provide enough movement in a trading day to catch some nice points from it daily? 2-3+ points? Aside from market open is there another time to trade the TF with good volume and moves? Any advice on TF anyone can provide would be highly appreciated. Know of any good courses to take that teaches a consistent/profitable method? Thank you!
  8. I once came across a thread that had DbPhoenix files about Price and Volume. Can someone please send them to me or post them? Thank you and Happy New Year to all! Files sent. Db
  9. Is "A" a retracement in a downmove, or is "B" a retracement in an upmove? Why?
  10. Do you play this as a retracement in an uptrend, or as a lower high after a reversal?
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