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  1. Vinnie,


    I saw your post on Traders Laboratory and was wondering if you have searched for a code to the Value chart indicator for Think Or Swim???

  2. Vinnie, Can you locate a code for think or swim for the value charts and the other indicators on Helweg's site???
  3. Those who want calluses who do not want to join the marines
  4. chewy

    Anyone Read This Book

    I'll check them out. Thanks
  5. chewy

    Anyone Read This Book

    Of course I would like to make money trading options. I know the Nattenburg(spell check) book is out there. The 3 thinkgs I do know about options is buy enough time out(Theta)/single options/, buy with at least a 70 Delta, and make sure the spread is no more than .30 cents. Beyond that I am not sure. I guess if I am just going to buy single options whether puts or calls maybe those 3 things are enough to know???
  6. Hello, Anyone ever read the Dan Passarelli book on options. Kinda pricey? Not sure if I should invest in the book or not. What say you? Thanks
  7. OK, thanks alot. I think i might purchase it. Peace
  8. Hello, The Futures Game: Who wins, who loses, and why?-Teweles, Jones, Warwick. Anybody read this book. I think it came out in 1974. Over 600 pages. Looking for a no nonsense money management type book +. There is a review at this site: books.google.com/books?isbn=0070647577 Sorry not sure link is active. The review seems more like the book less about 200 pages. Thanks
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