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  1. Tomer There is no way you can guaranty a fixed $ amount of profit per day. Not even per week. As other people noted, Live trading is Totaly different than Sim. With that said, why don't you trade ETF's in the beginning to reduce your risk and exposure? I realize that you may need more capital to trade - 25K actually (The Pattern Day Trader Rule) but your risk may be 5-20 times smaller. Good luck in any case. Gabe
  2. You foul language is reason enough to put you on my ignor list.
  3. You did not answer the question and you keep up with your insulting replies so make up your mind. Do you want to explain in a civilized way like Blowfish for instance or you want to show off.(and BTW Sam is using Supply/Demand and Support/Resistance interchangeably - just look at some of his charts). Also I am not spitting my anger on others (I wonder who they are) I am just pointing out that Sam is inconcistant at times and when there is a conflicting point or an ambiguous point, he does not respomd to questions.
  4. Here is another example. The chart with the white background is Sam's. The one with the black background shows a larger span and Sam's chart area is marked in blue and his DEMAND ZONE is white. I cannot see why he would call that a demand zone. The only thing that might stand out is that price broke above a previous peak and then returned to it. Why the other retracements are NOT considered DEMAND is beyond me.
  5. Sam was using the monthly or biweekly. I just used it as a common ground.
  6. No offence but if I would be a turtle an event occuring every 6 years would be OK but as I am not, I would like to see things happen more frequantly during my life time.
  7. Sam's DEMAND ZONE does not look different than some time before it was marked as such whereas my demand zone (or what i would call a demand zone shows significant support or DEMAND as price bounced off of it many times over the years. What gives?
  8. Since you started this thread I will not respond to your insulting reply in the same manner. If you understand Sam's idea, good for you. If you can make money with it, more power to you. On second thought, why don't you explain the discrepancy - since you are soooooooooo smart.
  9. Attached is a chart for BP going back to 1984. You can see that there was nothing special with the DEMAND zone of Sam. Not to mention that this is a monthly chart and I don't know too many people who trade off the monthlies. I am not with any of Sam's paid services.
  10. Just an example of Sam Seiden's manipulative and inconcistant method. Not to talk about lack of customer service skills. On the left is one of Sam's charts and on the right is my question to him which he never answered. If there was NO DEMAND in the area that Sam marked as such, why is it that price bounced off of that area 20$-40$ effectively doubling the stock price. It looks like a DEMAND area to me.....
  11. Median household income in the USA for 2009 was about 50K. Assuming 250 trading days in a year this translates into 200$ per day or 4K per month. How much money do you need to make 200$ ??? Just a thought. Gabe
  12. In life threatening situations which occur rapidly (as well as in trading) sometimes you have no time to plan an alternate plan. Instinct cicks in in those situation. Maybe instinct is a plan, derived from an accelerated thinking/assessing process... Gabe
  13. This was a great explanation of the problem I have. As an engineer I am used to follow precise rules because they are derived from formulas. Following exact rules in trading led me to financial disaster. The idea of a concept sounds good but this is like trying to merge art and science which is probably (as I start to realize) is the answer to success in trading. Gabe
  14. Some of the definition for the word PLAN in the Merriam-Webster dictionary A. method for achieving an end B. an often customary method of doing something C. a detailed formulation of a program of action Having a plan and following it are two different things. You can plan to go to the movies but at the last minute you decide to go to a restaurant. You can have a plan for a house with a French roof and then change it to a Barn roof. The same with trading. One can write down a detailed course of action but change it during the trading day because of lack of trust of the plan. Gabe
  15. The most common sentence in trading forums and books is "Follow your trading plan and the money will follow" or a variation of the above. The problem is - How do you follow an unproven plan? How do you trust a trading idea that some how one thinks that it has an edge or a statistical advantage? The most obvious answer would be to SIM trade the plan for a while and if all is going well switch to a live account. The problem with the above is that SIM and LIVE trading are totaly different as far as emotions go. So, when one finally switches to a live account, if a string of losses is encountered (which is possible) then one starts to doubt the edge. I am strugling with the above for a long time now. Any comments would be welcome. Gabe
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