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  1. Hello, Thank you for your comments. This web page is very interesting for me. Please , I need your advise, will these books be useful to read at the beginning: books by Van K. Tharp and One by Michael N. Kahn “Technical Analysis Plain and Simple” Many thanks.
  2. So we need to know will it be the increase or decrease of price next month, next 2-3 weeks. We regularly purchase oil and cotton and intuitively define the volume, so is there an opportunity to forecast the prices, to know the tendency of their change?
  3. Hello, My name is Vera. I am supposed to do analytics for cotton, oil and currency.The problem is that I never did that before, just browsed internet and observed prices and shor-term forecasting.Well, it was even not my opinion.Could you please help with sourses of information which I can use to forecast trends of cotton, oil prices.Our company buys monthly these commodities and we always need to know in which volumes to buy without losing. many thanks in advance and sorry for my not "pure"English.
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