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  1. Learning and more learning is the main priority. I too am a new trader and have low starting capital. I blew up a suretrade account 3 years ago and walked away. Recently I started relearning everything again. Having low starting capital I've found that youtube has tons of videos that will teach you what paid services do. Theres free scanners out there that work good also. I paper traded everyday for a while until I was consistently green daily. Then I started looking into funding another suretrade account and found a prop account. I got 14k funded for 350.00usd. I only keep 70% of profits but commissions are low and platform fee is 15 a month. So basically by watching free videos, using free scanners, and only investing 350 of my own money I'm able to daytrade and make a decent profit. Big plus is I'm not stuck to penny stocks.
  2. I have a Tos account and use them for charting as they're the best I've found for a budget. As for trading I used suretrader when I got started until I blew my account up. After taking a break I went back to the drawing board and re studied everything. I now use Tefs which is alot like Das software. I have a funded account from them where it cost me 350 for a 14k funded account. I get 70% of the commissions and the platform fee is only 15 a month. The commission's are low and trades execute fast. Again I'm still new but happy with the setup I have as a beginner with low starting Capital.
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