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  1. Hey everyone I have been trading using my commercial bank's investment platform for a few years now. Using fundamental analysis and traditional buy and hold techniques I have made some profits and want to make trading a full time endeavor. I am learning how to do higher frequency trading such as day trading and scalping (if any of you have good resources to help learn these trading methods please feel free to post them) and am aware that my banks platform isn't advanced enough to perform this trading style. I would like some advise about which charting software/broker to use because I don't want to open an account with a broker then have to change the broker I'm using in a short period of time because the fees are to high, the execution time is too slow, the software isn't powerful enough for day trading/scalping etc. I am currently learning how to use interactive brokers trader workstation software and really like it. From what I've researched IB has low fees/commissions, quick execution times and their TWS software is very advanced and powerful. With that being said none of the day trading and scalping guides/videos/tutorials I've watched online use the IB TWS software. Most use a different charting software such as NingaTrader or DAS Trader and either link it to a IB account or a different broker altogether. My questions are... Is TWS a good enough platform to use for day trading/scalping? and does anyone use it regularly? Is IB a good broker for day trading/scalping or will I get destroyed by slow execution times and high fees? Do you any of you have recommendations for cheaper better broker and charting software combos for day trading/scalping then the IB TWS software? Thank you
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