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  1. Be careful with iforex, the truth is that they apparently have a staf of advisors who offer you the gold and the moro, very well prepared, 30% weekly, they are incentivizing to make increasing deposits, the truth is that they apparently have a very good platform that they succeed in the operatives, the bad thing is that then they change you from advisors and the problems come, they give you a tendency contrary to the evolution of the market and finally they pluck you without compassion.
  2. I want to give you my opinion, in reality it is a risky market for those who are beginners and who therefore need an advisor. My experience has been truly disastrous. I operated with Choice Trade International Limited, known by the acronym YTC yourtradechoice. Literally I was robbed more than $ 100,000. Another danger is that they do not operate in Mexico and that makes it riskier when you want to claim. Please do not operate with the nefarious YTC broker.
  3. Nothing happens because it was money I could lose, and my intention was to test the system and prove myself. The system works because I learned it in a course with David Aránzabal who is one of the foremost International Forex Traders, especially in the Hispanic channel.
  4. Investing in Forex is not a game, it is something serious and study, experience, patience and a lot of discipline. It can be a very profitable business if you are careful and never get greedy.
  5. The forex market is like boxing, if you train well and are good you can earn a lot of money and have free time. But if you go there without training you will be very bad, places to invest there are many, and while they are regulated you will not have fraud problems, however even if you have the best broker in the world if you do not know how to analyze markets, you will hardly avoid losing your money.
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