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  1. Is there anyone talking about this? If this is what you mean, I've visited the website, I've also got a demo version, and I've run it. if the results are the same as a real account I will share here the demo version. indeed the display in fxblue was very interesting. https://www.fxblue.com/users/forexfastron2 https://www.fxblue.com/users/forexfastron
  2. okey I will try to see the website and I will try to ask for a trial version for me to try and see its performance.
  3. I'm sorry I am a beginner in this forum, I will ask if there is a profitable and good EA, I have always used EA rather than manual trading. if there is, please share or include a website link, or download link. thank you
  4. Hello, I will share EA with traders on this forum, EA is pretty good but still needs improvement. please if anyone wants to try and anyone can find miracles in this robot. Godbot_v1.2.1.mq4
  5. I advise you to use forexdrawEA, this EA is very good for beginner traders. ForexdrawEA's performance is very good and of course EA is also profitable, of course this EA can also run with fairly small capital. it's just my suggestion, maybe to find out more information about this EA, you can visit this EA website on google.
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