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  1. have you ever heard of forex robot with stable profit per month, I know from the next forum that says forexfastron EA from the website forexfastron.com has the performance to make profit with stability in every month. if anyone has used it, please share your experience with this EA. or if anyone wants to find out more information, please visit the website. thanks
  2. I searched in google with keywords best forex robot 2019 and in the end I found fxflightproEA from their website fxflightpro.com . if anyone has ever bought, I was interested in their ea. I saw a very small drawdown, and monthly profit looks great.and I see myfxbook profit reaching 50% in 50 days. if there are buy please review here and I say thank you if anyone would like to share here.thanks
  3. I have visited the forexdrawEA website, but I still see the performance and development of EA. and I saw a discount this month. if there are traders or beginners in this forum, please visit forexdrawea.com
  4. I'm sorry I am a beginner in this forum, I will ask if there is a profitable and good EA, I have always used EA rather than manual trading. if there is, please share or include a website link, or download link. thank you
  5. Does anyone here ever bought Rangemasterea? I found the video youtobe, EA seems to look good and follow trends, I also see a real account of their website http://rangemasterea.com some good results. if it is nothing to buy, please review here, if EA they really profitable? because I need to know before buying. Thank You.
  6. why the link did not work.? thank you:(
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