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  1. Hi All. I'm reaching out to see if anybody here reads or uses the DOM to use as an indicator after they see a trade they want to enter. When a entry is found that meets my rules, I want to get some tips to be able to have a look at the DOM to see if there may be a high likelihood of getting stopped out or not. Keep in mind - I'm not staring at the DOM all day, I use it as an extra layer of confirmation. If I'm going short, I'd like to see buyers on the bid not be too heavy, otherwise they could spike the price up and tick me out. I also want to see a decent amount of sellers on the offer, who will act in my favour and provide some sort of resistance to keep me in the trade. If anybody could provide me some additional information I would much appreciate it, perhaps how you go about it, or even certain conditions on the DOM that may indicate a "No trade Zone" or be a signal to not take that trade even if you see a setup that is tradeable. Thanks.
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