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  1. Not an expert! Based on the bars prior to bar 1, buying is met with supply on high volume (note the 1st two bars…a wide spread up bar followed by a narrow spread up bar both with very high volume) Sign of Weakness 1. Upthrust 2. Effort to rise (possible failure due size of spread versus volume) 3. Buying Climax There appears to be some no demand bars between 3 and 4. 4. Up bar closing in the middle with volume less than the 3 and 1. 5. Stopping Volume 6. Test Failed 7. Upthrust Brun
  2. Hi PivotProfiler, Thanks for the welcome. I appreciate your reply to my question concerning the positioning of the close within the “no demand” bar. To become comfortable defining a “no demand”, I must have reasonably grasps its essence within the content of market behavior as displayed by the experts of this form of analysis. This has eluded me for the past month…when I think I have it, I find that I have not. Thus I have reread sections of the thread and books, also studied charts (real-time and after the session) numerous times. Unfortunately, I was unable to view the last picture pertaining to the last section of your reply. Again thanks, Brun
  3. Hi, This is a great thread. Can someone with VSA experiences clarify the characteristics of “no demand” bar? I read this thread and the books…unclear about the positioning of the close within the “no demand” bar. Thanks, Brun
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