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  1. The concept of 'trade intensity' is not new. There is no truth in saying that it is not discussed/used anywhere. MarketDelta has implemented IOAMT's Trade speed ideas ( I am not affiliated with any of them) in TradeSpeed Indicator. http://www.marketdelta.com/kb/article.aspx?id=10585 http.http://www.marketvolume.com has products/pending patents based on this idea of spikes in volume. Their SBV Indicator uses the idea of trade intensity/spikes in volume. I request the thread starter to elaborate and comment if his ideas are different from the above.
  2. Investor RT from linnsoft allows importing Tickdata.com's tick data. I am assuming here that you purchased the data from Tickdata.com.
  3. Hi brownsfan019, Follow this link, http://www.c-sharpcorner.com/UploadFile/mgold/PeriodicReminder01162007212806PM/PeriodicReminder.aspx For audio/alarm sound, check Sound checkbox. If you need further customization, I can help you. -Janus TrayReminder.ZIP
  4. People use the term, 'Trading Edge' in phrases like 'what is your edge?', 'Find your edge' etc. I haven't come across a precise definition of 'Edge' in the context of Trading. I would like to hear your definition of 'trading edge', preferably with some examples. -Janus
  5. slight deviation from the topic. Their software uses eSignal data and eSignal doesn't provide Tick data for one year. How they generate Volume at price data for one year? They must have some algorithm to generate Volume at Price data using Minute/daily data. The point is that the cumulative volume histogram on their charts is not based on true Tick data.
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