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  1. Good morning folks, after an eventual stop on the previous long, this is the new setup for now on the long GBPUSD....ideally the price action sets up in the next couple of days to give us a better enter and risk/reward. Actually would look for an eventual move to the 161.8% Fib extension. God Bless, WP
  2. This trade never got going, stopped for -1R. God Bless WP
  3. Hi folks...Another shot at this GBPUSD long (if triggered). God Bless.. WP
  4. Stopped for the full -1R. God Bless.. WP
  5. Took this Long on the bullish candle after chasing the entry somewhat @ 1.3253, ..RR still attractive. Will be looking for areas to raise the stop to a more favourable level. God Bless.. WP
  6. No trigger on long GBPUSD, pulling Buy Order. God Bless.. WP
  7. Another potential Stab at the GBPUSD Long (if triggered). God Bless.. WP
  8. Stopped with a ton o'slippage @ 1.3196, just around a -0.10R trade. God Bless.. WP
  9. Adjusting Stop to 1.3202...just below entry.
  10. Pardon the miss on further info..live trade, not demo. God Bless.. WP
  11. Daily view of GBPUSD long...I'll save the introductions for later. God bless.. WP
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