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  1. Ah OK for the poc (price in time) and pvp (volume), as mister Dalton, steidlmayer and mister Jerry. But, the system of Jerry (Jperl), the Market Statistics based vwap, pvp and price need NOT poc, not Market Profile (VA, IB, vpoc....) so why use the poc ? sometimes poc and pvp are near but precaution !:doh: but not so often as it. The market profile is totaly different of the market statistics, so why mix the both systems ? unless showing a relation between two. For me, there is two great schools: 1-Price needs volume to fluctuate. 2-Price is self-sufficient in itself, doesn't much matter volumes. And I think it is necessary to choose its school. Afterwards, some, a lot in fact, everything blend and matter what and we know all result. (forgiveness for my orthography, again)
  2. No, the true poc is in the price distribution, the true pvp or hvl is in the volume distribution. No discuss possible !:crap:
  3. A big error : the point of control of Dalton, of the MP, is the price level of most trades, so the most TPO. The volumes are not in this distribution. See "mind over market" but i am sure. Too, the pvp (or highest level volume) is the price level of most volume. Alex
  4. ok, it 's simply not to merge with the very good job of jerry cause the poc have got nothing to do with volumes so the vwap too. Thanks.
  5. Hi, becareful ! the POC (market price distribution) is not the same thing that the PVP (market volume distribution). Totally differents (sometimes are possibility near). So poc near vwap, not no skew. bye
  6. Hi traders, if I can afford, you should not try to predict (as NTR) but to succeed in following tendency (as the skew and price). Too, i agree with Jerry and i understand the difficulty of trades at the pvp or hvl. The NTR as the Vpoc are speculations and a VSA trader should not take into account NTR, no ? Cause, where the smart money goes, i will follow it !:o
  7. Hi Unicorn, On this last trade i saw one error : -your firts SD' s entry (even if good after) is wrong cause the skew is near 0 so not short trade but pull the trigger LONG (vwap target) ! -After, all good for me. Being "a" Newbie, i believe and wait your comments, explications. Thanks @+
  8. Hello to everybody and to you, jerry, I wondered how reacts jerry's system when the day is a trend day! How react the standard deviations ? What are then the points of entry ? Is there a means to foresee this type of day and trade with it ? Too, I wish you the good end of year and merry Christmas !
  9. The pvp is a dangerous point, i understand now why ! It is as it that I go trade, thank you still for your advices. Best regards.
  10. Hello Jerry & day-traders, For the programming of the VWAP (pro real time software): Is it necessary to re-initialize (delay meters in zero)the VWAP ? So yes, the first VWAP will be equal to the first price (first close for me, Pi=close(i)), since Vi (1) = Vtot. Vtot= complete volume held concurrently there intraday, precise? NB: Having grieved for my writing's errors, i hopes that you understand me. Thanks. Alexandre.
  11. Is it possible to put in relation the differents Market Profile openings and the Jerry' strategy ? Or, Jerry, would you have managed to use tools of your system to get ready for types of days of trading (as Dalton) ? As the hubs ! With impatience, best regards. bye Alex
  12. Hi traders, I asked the following question: (In connection with the market profile and the poc) -What pvp to choose if there is in some (2 or more in the same intraday volume distribution)? That it closer to the middle of the distribution as for the poc? byebye Alex
  13. Jerry, in your global strategy, when you talk to dynamic HUB, can you quote the virgin POC (of steidlmayer) too ? Thanks. Alex
  14. Oh! thank you Jerry, really, you make a magnificent work and your pedagogy and your empathy are to quote. Thanks again.
  15. Hi, Jerry and the other traders. I trade the Bund with the market profile and want more understand. Too, sorry for my bad english language, sorry. Someone can write a summary of the main lines of your method for a French newbie trader (to this fantastic method), advanced trader to the MP of steidlmayer. i understand the vwap, the skew, the pvp, the trend, the SD but not exactly for the symetric distribution (rejection or acceptance of the 1SD, reverse or scale or ok) and when a normal distribution, the price close to 1SD and countertrend of the skew. (skew>0 and price < vwap). A summary of all the posts of Jerry, will be the hightlight for me. Best regards. Alexandre.
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