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  1. What 'impressed' me was their approach .........'they' openly state that success rate is going to be below 50% but that the key is money mangement........seemed quite refreshing to 'hear' a vendour not claiming 70% + success rate. Also, 'they' are only looking for the simple ABC correction rather that getting involved in the complex elliot wave counts etc Thanks for you replys all. Mitch
  2. Hi All, Have spent quite some time 'looking' over some software know as MTpredictor; was wondering if anyone 'here' has used this & willing to give a review of it? Thanks in advance Mitch
  3. Hi All, Just came in on this today; great thread if you dont mind me saying.Has rekindled my interest in candle analysis. Just thought I,d let you all know. Keep up the good work. Cheers Mitch
  4. Sure did , talk about fast !!! Made a quick 700 , then gave back 650 almost as quick !!! Then decided to step aside & try to 'learn' somrthing new. I was watching the T & S & quite a lot of the time; you see the 'red' seemingly overwhelm the green ( or vice versa) but the price seems almost static & appears to go in the direction it should'nt.....any comments? Reviewing the charts , the candles do appear to be quite informative.........will look into this some more . Would this combine with P&F? Cheers Mitch
  5. Up & away , not really traded around 'this event' before, do we get some action pretty instant or what.................?
  6. Brownsfan, Having read this & the entire thread on elite trader I was wondering if you use anything else with the voume candles ( as prof logic does on elite trader) to assist or just the candle formations/patterns alone? Mitch
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