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  1. CFD is a contract that binds the buyer and the seller in order to pay the difference between opening and closing value of the underlying in cash when the contract is ended. When it comes to choosing a CFD broker suitable for your trade, you need to understand that it is not only about reducing CFD trading costs. The broker will allow you to trade the way you want to trade and they even allow you to trade during after market hours. The broker must also be able to trade a sufficient number of CFDs long and short. You also need to consider trades with leverage. The many opportunities to go short are among the attractive advantages of CFD online trade. The best providers can minimize the cost of CFD trading which includes spread widening, commission, interest costs, and slippage. You should note that minimizing the expenses is a sure way to maximize your profits. Many private traders and investors are turning to this option because it is flexible as a trade instrument. This option offers the traders the capability to go long or short, leverage their trades, and even hedge existing positions at a fraction of the cost of conventional share trade. Different from the conventional share trade where you have to pay the full amount of the shares value, CFD trading allows you to make small payments of about 10% of the underlying asset value through your broker to guarantee that you meet the requirements of the contract. This is known as the margin, referred to with the traders, and which you are required to maintain at all times. You should note that if the trade goes wrong, then you will be required to pay more money to restore your margin obligations. The main benefit of CFDs is that they can be sold or bought back at any time with the value set by the stock market. In order to understand the CFD trading, you should look at it as buying shares with a short term loan from your broker. Therefore, you get a loan and pay the interest on the borrowed amount on a daily basis. However, when you terminate the contract you pay off the remaining costs and pocket the profits. With the CFD as a leveraged trading instrument, your profits are magnified and the same applies to your losses as well and you can lose more than your initial margin. CFD is also a platform to easily use with charting package, educational materials, market news and analysis. Some of the providers offer a 6 week starter training package where you get some training modules and start off with an option to trade on lower stakes if you want to. This will give you an opportunity to learn, receive and get used to the trade platform. There are several CFD providers that you can choose from and the best is a reputable broker who will give you the best services and trade platforms. You also need to consider one that constantly upgrades their services and trade platforms in order to offer their clients the best services. The internet is a useful resource that can help you come up with the best provider, and you can review their features, rate and stock CFDS and markets beforehand.
  2. Options trading are one of many methods investors are using to earn money in both forex and stock trading. Binary options trading are also known as digital options trading and give buyers the right to buy underlying assets at a fixed price, also referred to as the strike price. Underlying assets can be in form of products, commodities, stocks, indices like the NASDAQ and currencies. They allows buyers to manage the assets, expiry time, and asset prediction time. The only problem is that no one knows if the price of assets will either be high or low by the end of the expiry time. This simply means anything can happen during trading. Binary options trading need investors to have good judgment and knowledge. A buyer has the availability of digital options to decide whether the asset he or she intends to buy will actually target the strike price at a selected expiry time. This could be the end of the day or week or even at the end of the nearest hour. Assuming a trader wants to invest $200 on a digital option on BP oil, with a 70% return rate and with the expiry time at the end of the day with the rate of oil being 70.8894, the investor will earn $270 if the price of oil closes at 70.8894 or above and will also get a $15 payback if the price of oil is 70.8894 or below. That is one way traders earn from binary options trading in commodities, though most people prefer stocks because there are various stock options to choose from. There are also those people who work in their respective jobs and are not able to keep up with forex and stock. Binary options also requires investors to follow it closely so as to earn profits, and thanks to technology, mobile and online trading makes it easier and flexible for them and may advance even more in futures. The forex is also available to those who own iPhones. For those who may not understand how it work, then there are various business schools or training institutions offering education on that particular method of trading. Binary options are a good way of investing and every individual is encouraged by practitioners in the stock market to take advantage. On the other hand there are people who are cautious with their money and hesitant to invest simply because prices of commodities, stocks and even currencies are unpredictable resulting in losses. Lots of money has been lost but that is normal; you may gain one day, the next you lose. Countries like the U.K, USA, Germany, Italy and most developed countries have investors benefiting from binary options trading as word spreads of its success all over the world.
  3. You know as well as I do that traders read and read in their attempts to find that magic formula or secret ingredient that'll change them from being an "also ran" to a "champion trader". I like trading books and genuinely new ideas and ways of thinking in the market. I think it's important to challenge yourself and constantly evolve. But my thoughts are more about inexperienced traders and their lack of direction or understanding of what might truly make the difference to their trading. I have seen so many books dismissed as rubbish or out of touch with today's markets and again, many which people believe to be great which I think "Hmm, I didn't think that was such a great book. Maybe it's me?" Do some people have an innate ability to understand which path they need to tread? Do some people just strike lucky? Or does a trader need to come full circle before deeply understanding the benefits which they might personally glean from a certain text?
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