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  1. Technical analysis plays a big part in the success of some binary options traders. And the level of success sometimes depends on how accomplished they are at reading and understanding charts. Price charts can be used to track movements on all types of underlying assets, whether market indices, individual stocks, currency pairs or commodities. Different types of chart are available, such as line charts, bar charts and histograms, but will all generally plot the price of an asset by time or volume. However, whatever its type, a chart is considerably more useful if it contains up-to-date data, such as the real-time prices that Banc De Binary posts on its website URL Deleted by Moderator. Time Price Charts The most common type of price chart plots movements over time. Choosing the time intervals for a chart will depend on the type of trader you are. If, for example, you undertake short-term trades, you may plot price changes at 60-minute intervals or less, enabling you to see and predict likely price movements in periods of one hour at most. If you go for longer-term trades, you may mark changes at daily, weekly or other suitable intervals. For the longer time periods, you may wish to see the open price at the start of the period, the high and low prices during it and the close price at the end of the time interval. You can, therefore, choose a chart type that allows you to see all price levels within a period. Volume Price Charts Another type of price chart plots movements by volume. These are particularly useful when trading volumes are not consistent, possibly falling to low levels during the night. For this type of chart, a price level is plotted after a number of contracts have been made or a certain volume of commodity has been traded, rather than plotting at set time intervals. The effect is that the chart has fewer entries during periods of low activity and so focuses more on times when levels are more normal. Either type of chart provides valuable guidance for binary options traders, providing its data is current.
  2. Binary Options are a very good way to make fast money; however, you have to know who you're dealing with, or else you can risk losing a lot of money. Banc De Binary came through for me as the 5th platform i've tried. Supprisingly enough; i found a rich asset list, great payoff's, responsive site with great customer and technical support round the clock. But, let's face it. A fast website and nice people aren't enough to make a successful brokership. Banc De Binary have specialist brokers and analysts that eat, breathe and live Digital Options. This allows the bank to guide you on how to make the best investments with your money. Like i mentioned earlier; i've been around the platform sites, and i've stuck with bbinary.com for almost a year now. I've enjoyed fast withdrawals, and rumor has it that BDB is even coming out with international credit cards! I wonder what they'll think of next :-)
  3. Over the years, more and more people have invested in the stock market, traded in commodities and speculated in foreign exchange. They all have one common aim — to make money. Making Quick Money Trading and investment have become bigger attractions to many people because they do offer the prospect of making a lot of money very quickly. And it is true that some successful investors have made millions through their efforts. It’s also true that the less successful ones have lost out, sometimes by very substantial amounts. Investing in shares, commodities and other assets can require a lot of money because you have to actually buy the assets. You make your money if their value grows but, equally, you risk losing everything. Binary options trading provides an alternative since you don’t actually have to buy anything. You simply predict the way an asset’s price will move and gain a reward if you are correct. The amount of your return depends on the value of your stake but is often up to 75%. If your prediction is wrong, of course, you do lose money. However, this is generally much less than you risk when making speculative investments. Additionally, you can set a limit on how much you stand to lose so you are in control to a large degree. All Trader Types So, is binary options trading suitable for everyone? For the novice investor as well as the experienced trader? Well it is, providing you use a reputable, capable and experienced organization as your binary options broker. A company such as Banc De Binary specializes in binary options trading and has developed a flexible and easy-to-use platform that is suitable for all levels of need. The company also provides help and advice on its website URL Deleted by Moderator, with financial experts available and a personal coach on hand for those who open an account. This level of service does make binary options trading available to all types of investor.
  4. If you’re looking for a different way to trade, which will expand your growth opportunities without increasing the risk to your portfolio, binary options might be just what you need. Predicting Rises and Falls A binary option is so called because it offers only two possible outcomes. You are predicting something will either rise or fall in value over a set period and are staking a certain amount of money on the result. If your prediction is correct, you win a set percentage of your stake, otherwise you lose a predetermined amount. Because there are only two possible outcomes, binary options are sometimes known as digital options or ‘all or nothing’ options. With binary options, you choose the asset to invest in (it could be a stock market, an individual stock, a commodity or a currency), the size of your stake, the length of the period and the way the asset will move. If you expect it to rise, purchase a ‘call’ option; otherwise, choose a ‘put’ option when predicting a fall in value. You will know how much you stand to gain or lose, which will be quoted as a percentage of your investment. Consequently, once your chosen period ends, you will know how much you have won or lost. When you predict correctly, you are referred to as being ‘in the money’ and are paid the set percentage of your stake. Getting it wrong means you are ‘out of the money’ and lose the stated amount. How It Works As an example, the Euro may have reached 1.45907 against the US Dollar but you expect it to rise further during the day. You may purchase, through an organization such as Banc De Binary, a $500 call option that expires at 9am the following day, receiving a payment of 75% if you’re right and losing 90% if you’re wrong. If the price is $1.46 by 9am, you gain $375 in less than one day. If it’s 1.45, you lose $450. Binary options can be of two types — ‘cash or nothing’ where you receive a fixed amount if you end up ‘in the money’ or ‘asset for nothing’ where the payout depends on the asset’s value. With markets becoming increasingly volatile, binary options are a popular investment tool.
  5. Some binary options traders use technical analysis to keep track of price movements. This allows them to establish trends, recognize patterns and identify where momentum is developing. The whole point of this is to be able to predict future movements more accurately. Setting the Time Interval Technical analysis is generally about producing price charts that track price changes at set intervals. The length of the interval often depends on whether the trader makes short-term or long-term trades. A few minutes may be appropriate for the former while intervals of days or weeks may be sufficient for the latter. Traders have to decide which is the best type of chart to use to track prices and a line chart is often chosen because it is the most simple. A typical chart will show the asset price along the y-axis (vertically), plotting this normally by time or sometimes in terms of volume along the x-axis (horizontally). This type of chart is easy to read because the trader only has to find the required time along the x-axis and then look above it to see the price at that time. A line connects the price points on the graph, running left to right to clearly show how the price has moved over a set period. However, the line chart has limitations for binary options traders because the line will show a smooth progression between the price points when in fact there may have been significant fluctuations during the intervening period. Fluctuating Prices When long time intervals are plotted, the price may have gone up and down several times between any two price points but the line will show a smooth progression from one to the next. The ideal situation for many traders is to see the high, low, open and close prices for each period, which can be shown on bar and candlestick charts. Nevertheless, line charts are useful to show general movements, are valued for their simplicity and are usually adequate for long-term traders who do not need to see each movement in detail. Some binary options trading organizations, such as Banc De Binary, show price line charts on their websites. They also provide real-time price data from which charts can be built.
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