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  1. Hi Does anyone know of a screening tool for UK funds, which also incorporates technical criteria such as simple/moving averages, ROC, RSI, MACD, etc. ? I am aware of the likes of Morningstar, Zacks, etc. offering a tool which includes the fundamental criteria, but what I am really looking for is a fund screener which incorporates UK funds, and which offers the functionality offered by the likes of the Barchart fund screener in the US. Many thanks in anticipation of your assistance.
  2. Hi Does anyone have opinions on trying to apply technical analysis to mutual funds? If you believe such an approach is viable, would you be able to recommend any methods/criteria, etc.? Also, does anyone know of any financial sites which can produce technical charts for mutual funds? Many thanks in anticipation of your assistance.
  3. Hi I’m a relative novice to technical investing, and having read a few articles on the subject, it would seem that one of the best leading indicators would appear to be on balance volume. However, although most of the (free) technical analysis sites I’ve come across show the OBV graph, they do not appear to hold the OBV data upon which the graph is based. Does anyone know if there are any sites out there – free or otherwise – which has easily accessible OBV data for any given share? Otherwise – I might have to try converting the graphs to data somehow – again, can anyone recommend any conversion tools for this? Generally speaking, do people agree that OBV is one of the best leading indicators? If not, does anyone have views as to any leading indicators they consider to be more reliable than OBV? Many thanks in anticipation.
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