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  1. Hello. I have been working on some technical indicators external to Tradestation that indicate certain days are better to trade than others. I can then generate dates into the future that favor profitable results. I generated the dates and tested them by hand and the results were very encouraging, even up to an 86% accurate result. Unfortunately, the results were tested by hand, and an inherent bias may be present. I want to program this into tradestation and produce a test that is not affected by the human element. I am not an expert programmer so it is a bit difficult for me. Does anyone know how to program tradestation so that it only trades on certain dates. I may generate up to 100 dates in a year. This list of dates can then be placed in an array of some kind and then the trades can be placed into an if statement that prevents or allows trades based on my criteria. I paid a tradestation programmer $200 to code this for me, but his codes didn't work. After I have the way of preventing trading on the days I don't to trade, I can probably use an indicator of one kindor another to filter the trades a bit. Thanks. Andrew
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