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  1. $GPRO I feel it building up here. i feel like any day can propel us to 15-20 range.
  2. $KO Had an ER position from last week, but sold 1/2 at the close 46.50C.
  3. $SBUX gap down today, waiting for a sell signal. indicators breaking dow
  4. $HZNP predicting more red tomorrow. Tempting but not worth the risk
  5. $CLF when garbage like $CLF and $CHK rally this hard you know it's almost time for the summer swoon
  6. $F is rock solid, earning and development back it. Tesla stock is a balloon and investors should be cautious. Hold the tried and true inv.'s
  7. the only chance for sunedison to be bought is to have good potentials in the future or a competitor to get the sunedison marketshare
  8. $LNKD Algos are all over this one to manipulate it to the upside, there are no real sellers anymore just Algos pumping up
  9. $LULU after everyone calms down, will retrace to $65-$66 today
  10. $ACAD 25% of float is short. Be patient as it will trade to $40. Even if it had "average" news, it would likely trade higher.
  11. $LABD $LABU this is most beautiful intraday reversal in long time... no position but wow
  12. TSLA those who sell over yesterday ridiculous downgrade just like who sold their share after citron Tweet will kick themself later
  13. $AAL Going to be a BAD day after the ticket counter was BOMBED in Brussels Airport! Good time to buy, its going down
  14. $SPY I hate playing the market on terrorist days. Everyone loses even if you make money. Always leaves a bad taste in my mouth
  15. $GASX blood bath in China tonight. Should be bearish for oil tomorrow
  16. $DIS technically beautiful.. sp500 full blown double bottom breakout as well.feel sorry for those who sold on ESPN bs ws scare tactics
  17. $FB Not much volume behind move - keep close eye on $107 8 day ema area
  18. $DWTI The 4 hour chart shows the earlier head and shoulders, and the up trend since mid-Feb. Upper resistance test.
  19. $JCP the street pumping hard. never a good sign. LOL
  20. $RLYP if it can reach double the script number next month it will hit above 20 IMO
  21. $SPX Range bound between 1950 and 1850. If it stays that way for rest of year, we can make good money playing both sides against middle.
  22. $HD $M big day earning sentiment is still bear, regardless no movement and dump after few hours of open
  23. $BBRY is a powder keg ready to be lit. April 1st will be JCs next earnings beat. Priv sales will be icing on the cake.
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