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  1. $TSLA The future with tech is going to be so easy ... all you have to do is think about things and they happen. Okay, think TSLA @ $1,000!
  2. $SPY notice how it couldn’t break 241.50 organically but in AH it’s like no problem. We are going to have a serious issue 1 of these days
  3. $AMD AMD should be 30% higher after next ER, they will beat and improve guidance. Q1 is historical weak, Q2 will be strong! $14. 8-1-17.
  4. $INO $PBYI $JNUG I've been in the right place, but it must've been the wrong time. My head was in a bad place but I was having a good time.
  5. $AAPL The chart pattern in the last few days looks like rounding top + loss of momentum. IMO it is is about to go down for at least few days
  6. $GOOGL Morgan Stanley reiterates overweight rating on Alphabet, citing significant potential of its Waymo & 'other bets' businesses.
  7. $AMZN It's strong but I'm worried about that 970-971 area, not sure if we can break it anytime soon, may play the bounce drop game.
  8. $SPY $UVXY Whatever hits this market, it will be "an unforeseen event or a series of events", only becoming obvious in hindsight.
  9. $F Hitting '08 level lows and strong performance this quarter. I get $TSLA is a major concern, but this has plenty of short-term upside
  10. $BBRY This is the BEST set-up I’ve seen in many years. The fundamentals are mind-boggling and monthly 4 year chart is a major bottom and breakout. Strongest stock of all and cheap. Major fortunes will be made pyramiding from here and adding on all reactions until $25-35 target.
  11. $MSFT Strong recent price action - next buying opp is HEAVY VOLUME break of 69.70 area
  12. $GOOG Strong move higher yesterday on good volume...we could see $960 area soon
  13. $VZ I'm holding forever. They were the last to jump on board with unlimited data and had a bad quarter.
  14. $SNAP This may indeed drop like a rock in the near future but I only care about the last few days. 18 to 20.70 and $2700 in my pocket.
  15. $AMD the stock price now is pretty much rock bottom. This is the safest play for the next year as they are taking market share as we speak.
  16. $AMZN bullish taking over the world, one day you'll look back and tell your grandkids that you bought this back at 950 when it's then 4000+
  17. $TSLA Not going below $300 any time soon ... day of reckoning is still long ways off. In the meantime, further gains in store!
  18. $AMD $20.00 is the least amount I would sell some at. In a few years $50.00 is my target unless they become another Nvidia or better.
  19. $AMD Same trend from late Jan to Feb 2017, in a week back to 14's from high 9's...Dont be the dumbass who panic sells on any small drop tmrw
  20. $TWTR Twtr is far superior to snap: 4x its revenue, 2x MAU, only 1/2 market cap, and $2.5bn in net cash. Will go into $20s and bought out!
  21. $P why does the stock price below $13.50? it doesn't make any sense. If they are selling the company, the price would be ~$15.
  22. $NVDA only thing that makes this go down is analyst downgrade from here on, but with this ER I only see upgrades or PT increase.
  23. $AAPL The stock keeps rising because its running on all 8 cylinders. The News and fundamentals are superior. I see the $180's soon!
  24. Man, if $NVDA crushes it tomorrow and guidance is great (both possible, but...) this is going to rocket to $110. Come on big money
  25. $NOK this could go up 4 cents by end of month. LOL kidding. Every extra penny this goes up I'm watching my call options explode another 5%
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