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  1. Time To Buy Bitcoin After Bitcoin found the bottom at $5900, the price started to rise, breaking downtrend trendlines. BTC/USD managed to grow up to $11800 where it produced a double top and went down sharply. The decline was stopped at the breakout point of the first downtrend trendline, while the second trendline is acting as a support. Additionally, the RSI oscillator is in the oversold condition and also finding the support at the downtrend trendline, suggesting the Bitcoin potentially reached the bottom of the current wave down. From this point onwards BTC could continue the uptrend with the condition that the support will hold. Daily break and close below $8400 should invalidate bullish outlook and could result in a strong decline towards $4000 area. Source: Time To Buy Bitcoin | CryptoPost
  2. Groestlcoin VS Bitcoin Range Trading Groestlcoin continues to range between 5.7k and 16k satoshi areas. These levels correspond to the Fibonacci retracement levels, 76.4% and 23.6% accordingly. While there is no established trend as GRS/BTC continues to reject the support, the range trading is likely to continue. If that’s the case, the price should go up once again towards the 16k satoshis resistance. Whether the resistance will be broken or rejected, remains to be seen. Break above should confirm a bullish run, but rejection might result in a continuation of the consolidation. On the downside, break below the support area should send Groestlcoin lower towards 88.6% Fibonacci retracement level, that is 3.3k satoshis. Such a low price could attract more buyers, resulting in exponential growth. Source: Groestlcoin VS Bitcoin Range Trading | CryptoPost
  3. BlackCoin Another Wave UP BlackCoin found the bottom at $0.19 and went up breaking above the downtrend trendline. The trendline breakout point is now acting as a support, not to mention that the price is now trading right at the 61.8% Fibonacci retracement level. It seems reasonable to expect yet another wave up towards one of the Fibonacci retracement levels. First resistance is at $0.56, while the key resistance is at $0.67. If one of the resistance levels will be rejected the consolidation would continue and could send price back to $0.2 support. However, break above both resistance levels should confirm a long-term bullish trend. On a downside, break and close below the $0.32 support could invalidate bullish outlook and send price back to $0.2 or even lower. Source: CryptoPost
  4. Adex VS Bitcoin +630% Potential Adex is currently trading within the descending channel, although on the last wave up it failed to test the upper trendline of the channel and went down. The decline was stopped at the 10k satoshis, that is a strong psychological support as well as *76.4% Fibonacci retracement level. While the support is holding it is very likely that ADX/BTC could establish an uptrend, towards 74k satoshis resistance confirmed by two Fibonacci retracement levels. That is 630% growth potential over the Bitcoin. On a downside, daily break and close below 10k satoshis could extend the consolidation and send price back to 5.5k satoshis support, nevertheless, that price should be far more attractive for buyers. Source: Adex VS Bitcoin +630% Potential | CryptoPost
  5. Cardano VS Bitcoin – Time To Buy? Cardano felt extremely strong during the December 2017 rally, and it went up from 250 satoshis up to 9180 satoshis, that is nearly 2500% growth in just over a month. ADA/BTC currently has corrected down to 2360 satoshis, where it is currently trading. At this level, Cardano should find the support, confirmed by the 76.4% Fibonacci retracement level. If the support holds and the downtrend trendline is broken, the bullish falling wedge pattern will be confirmed resulting in the continuation of the uptrend. As the bullish divergence is forming on the RSI oscillator, and price facing Fibonacci support, the reversal probability remains very high at this point and perhaps the buying opportunity is already there. Source: Cardano VS Bitcoin ? Time To Buy? | CryptoPost
  6. Metaverse ETP vs Bitcoin – Downside Target Reached Since 5th of January, after reaching btc 0.00042 high, Metaverse has been going down, slowly but steadily. ETP/BTC broke below the uptrend trendline and the 200 Moving Average simultaneously. Fibonacci applied to the trendline breakout point shows that today Metaverse has finally reached the downside target at btc 0.00013 while forming the bullish divergence on the RSI oscillator at the same time. This could be in fact the very bottom of the Metaverse which could result in a beginning of a long-term uptrend. However for this to happen the support must be respected and the downtrend trendline must be broken. Source: Metaverse ETP vs Bitcoin ? Downside Target Reached | CryptoPost
  7. Florincoin VS Bitcoin – The End Of Consolidation? Since Florincoin reached the high at 6.5k satoshis, back in May 2017, the price has been going down, reaching the 500 satoshis low. This decline resulted in over 90% loss to bitcoin, but now price action begins to look in favor of the trend reversal. After reaching 500 satoshis low, FLO/BTC went up breaking above two descending channels as well as the 200 Moving Average, although rejected the resistance formed around 3k satoshis area. Currently, RSI has formed a bullish divergence suggesting that the price once again is ready to move higher, at least towards the massive resistance area at 3k satoshis. But to confirm the potential upcoming wave up, Florincoin should break above the minor resistance at 1200 satoshis. Break above the 3k satoshis resistance should result in more growth and could send price up to 6.5k satoshis or higher. Florincoin VS Bitcoin ? The End Of Consolidation? | CryptoPost
  8. Ionomy VS Bitcoin x15 Growth Potential Ionomy has been ranging between 9k and 57k satoshis for almost a year. But on the 22nd of February ION/BTC closed above the resistance, suggesting the uptrend could be emerging. Throughout the consolidation period, price broke above the descending channels for two times and Fibonacci applied to the corrective wave after the breakout shows that the potential upside target is 420k satoshis, that is almost x15 from the current price. The reason behind such an enormous growth potential could be the extremely low price ($3.23) in relation to the total coin supply that stands at 26,083,122 ION. Source: Ionomy VS Bitcoin x15 Growth Potential | CryptoPost
  9. Bitcoin H&S Pattern – Growth Towards 17-18k? After finding the low at $5900, the Bitcoin price went up breaking above the 200 Moving Average and then forming the head and shoulders pattern. Yesterday BTC/USD broke above the neckline trendline of the H&S pattern suggesting the continuation of the uptrend. Bitcoin still is trading above the 200 MA, which could act as the support before the price goes up to either 76.4% or 88.6% Fibonacci retracement, that is $16600 and $18300 resistance levels. The support is clearly at $9200, where the left and right shoulders were formed. If Bitcoin will break below the Moving Average, it could decline towards the $9200 support once again before moving higher. Source: Bitcoin H&S Pattern ? Growth Towards 17-18k? | CryptoPost
  10. STORJ – The Next BIG Gainer? Storj Coin has been trading at the price of $0.5 for quite some time, but after the rally started back in October price has reached an all-time high, hitting $3. The corrective wave followed where Storj lost back to the USD over 80%, while the correction was stopped by 88.6% Fibonacci retracement level which was rejected cleanly. The price of Storj remains undervalued, considering the facts that the current price is only $1 while the total supply is only 500,000,000 SJCX, and the price has been trading on lows for an extended period of time. However, there are very strong resistance levels, that have to be broken in order for Strong to starting producing heavy gains. First resistance is at $1.56, and second $1.78. Break above the second resistance should confirm a very bullish scenario for the Stong and could push price x10-20 in the midterm. On a downside. break and close below the $0.6 support could invalidate bullish outlook Source: STORJ ? The Next BIG Gainer? | CryptoPost
  11. GroestlCoin Mid-Term Scenarios Groestlcoin has been corrected down for 47 days since it reached the $2.75 high on 21st of December 2017. Correction resulted in a 85% decline while reaching $0.4 support area. GRS/USD nearly tested the 88.6% Fibonacci retracement, however, the support hasn’t been touched, and while RSI formed a bullish divergence price started to move higher. The downtrend trendline has been broken and on a correctional move down 4/1 Gann Fan has been rejected, forming the local support at $0.54. GRS Coin should continue moving higher towards either $1, that is technical as well as psychological level and should be treated as a key resistance. Break above could push price further towards $1.5 area. If $1-1.5 will be rejected it is possible that price will correct down again, but this time to test 88.6% support at $0.37. Source: GroestlCoin Mid-Term Scenarios | CryptoPost
  12. EnergyCoin Upcoming Wave UP EnergyCoin has reached the all-time high, hitting $0.54, and corrected down sharply. The decline resulted in a 81% loss against the USD and was stopped at $0.1. At the bottom, the RSI Oscillator formed the bullish divergence suggesting the upcoming wave up. Price started to move higher and broke above the descending channel, 200 Moving Average and 2/1 Gann Fan trendline. So far all the facts are in favor of the potential growth, where the first strong resistance is seen at 38.2% Fibonacci retracement level, that is $0.27. Break above that resistance should result in more growth towards 50% Fibs at $0.32. The question remains if ENRG/USD will break above first and/or second resistance because if any of them will be rejected, more consolidation could take place. On a downside, current support is based at $0.13, but the price could potentially decline even back to $0.1 psychological support area. And only break and close below $0.1 should invalidate bullish outlook. Source: EnergyCoin Upcoming Wave UP | CryptoPost
  13. CapriCoin 333% Growth Opportunity Capricoin continues to produce higher highs, but with every new high it returns back to the support near $0.3 area. An all-time high has been produced on 13th of January, where price hit $2.6. And once again it corrected down to $0.3 support area, but this time losing 86% to USD. The fact is that price is rejecting the support are and at the same time the uptrend trendline, suggesting the continuation of the uptrend if the support will hold. The price could go as high as $2.5 area, where double top could be formed, not to mention that this is 333% growth opportunity. Nevertheless, it could take time for CPC/USD to reverse, while price could range between $7 and $3 for another month. On a downside, only a weekly break and close below $0.2 could invalidate bullish outlook. Source: CapriCoin 333% Growth Opportunity | CryptoPost
  14. Florincoin Is Expected To Double In Value Florincoin has corrected down massively since reaching the $0.4 high. Price went south as much as 85%, hitting the $0.06 low. FLO/USD broke below the 88.6% Fibonacci retracement level as well as the uptrend trendline. Nevertheless, price recovered very fast and went up to $0.0135 breaking above the descending channel. Current correctional wave down was stopped by 88.6% Fibs at $0.087, which this time is being rejected, together with the uptrend trendline. While the consolidation could continue, Frorincoin should produce a wave up at some point, if the support will be respected. The first upside target is at $0.18, and the second is $0.22, that is 100% growth potential from the current price. Source: Florincoin Is Expected To Double In Value | CryptoPost
  15. OmiseGo VS Bitcoin – A Perfect Buying Opportunity? Clearly, OmiseGo trend is up, while it continues to produce higher highs and higher lows, not to mention that price stays above the 200 Moving Average. While the trend up is valid it is just a matter of searching for a perfect buying opportunity. Is it possible that today is the day? The opportunity day? Well, it certainly could be! OmiseGo has reached the high at btc 0.0019 and corrected back to btc 0.0016 where currently it is facing a very strong resistance. The lower trendline of the ascending channel is being rejected. The 3/1 Gann Fan is being rejected. The 38.2% Fibonacci retracement level is being rejected The 200 Movin Average is being rejected The support at the btc 0.0016 is massive and if OmiseGo will hold this area, the probability of the uptrend continuation shall be extremely high. Although it could be better to way for a confirmation – break above the downtrend trendline. On a downside, break and close below btc 0.0016 might result in further correction down towards 76.4% Fibs at btc 0.0013, from where the long-term uptrend is expected to continue. Source: OmiseGo VS Bitcoin ? A Perfect Buying Opportunity? | CryptoPost
  16. Monero Next Stop $600? Monero long-term uptrend continues as price don’t stop producing higher highs and higher lows. In December 2017 XMR/USD reached an all-time high, hitting $510. On the correction down Monero lost 70% to USD, and went as low as $147. The $147 level was a strong support, that previously was a resistance level. The support was rejected together with the 8/1 Gann Fan trendline and price went up breaking above the downtrend trendline. Now it seems Monero is getting ready to go higher and perhaps establish a new all-time high around $600, that is 127.2% Fibonacci retracement level. At the same time $510 resistance should be watched, rejection of which could extend the consolidation period. Source: Monero Next Stop $600? | CryptoPost
  17. WaBi Token Down WaBi Token has reached an all-time high against the dollar, hitting $5.9 price tag. But then the trend has suddenly changed from up to a downtrend. WABI/USD has already lost 78% since it reached its’ peak and continues to decline. WaBi broke below the 76.4% and then 88.6% Fibonacci support levels suggesting the validity of a bearish trend. After a correction up, WaBi hit the 76.4% Fibs, that this time acted as a resistance that has been rejected. The downtrend is likely to continue and the downside target is seen at $0.4 area, confirmed by 327.2% Fibonacci retracement level applied to the corrective wave after the uptrend trendline breakout. Source: WaBi Token Down | CryptoPost
  18. VeChain At The Key Support VeChain has reached the all-time high at $9.6, after which it corrected down to $2.6, losing 73% to the USD. Price failed to break with confidence below 61.8% Fibonacci retracement levels at $3.8 and below the 3/1 Gann Fan trendline, although it produced spikes lower. After reaching the low at $2.6, VeChain recovered reaching the $7.1, and managed to break above the 61.8% Fibonacci retracement level, suggesting the validity of the uptrend. But now, VEN/USD is trading at the key support area, and the daily close below $4.7 would confirm the support and the Gann Fann trendline breakout. In this case, the price is likely to move down once again towards either $3.8, $2.4 or $1.27 support levels. However if VeChain will avoid daily close below $4.7, the price could continue moving higher and potentially hit the $10 psychological resistance level. In any case, the major trend is up, but the risk of further correction down remains. Source: Syscoin Should Move Up 150% | CryptoPost
  19. Syscoin Should Move Up 150% While producing higher highs and higher lows, Syscoin continues to trade upwards. The last correction down resulted in 70% decline, where price moved from $1 down to $0.3, where 161.8% Fibonacci support, as well as the uptrend trendline, have been rejected. After rejecting the support SYS/USD recovered by moving up 144%, resulting in the break above the descending channel. The corrective wave down followed where 261.8% Fibonacci support and the upper trendline of the descending channel have been rejected, suggesting the continuation of the uptrend. The strong resistance, confirmed by two Fibonacci retracement levels is located at $1.5, which is a 150% growth potential in the medium term. Currently, the price could consolidate between $0.5 and $0.75, which seem to be the accumulation zone. Source: Syscoin Should Move Up 150% | CryptoPost https://www.tradingview.com/x/eUVt2uTM/
  20. OmiseGo Trend Is UP After reaching the all-time high at $29, OmiseGo corrected down to 76.4% Fibonacci retracement level that has been rejected cleanly, together with the uptrend trendline. The uptrend remains valid and the price continues to print higher highs and higher lows on the Daily timeframe. After rejecting the Fibonacci support OMG/USD once again started to produce higher highs and higher lows, confirming the uptrend on the lower timeframe. Currently, the short-term consolidation could take place, while OmiseGo remains bullish. The nearest upside target is seen at $35, that is 75% growth potential from the current price. If OMG will correct down, a good buying opportunity should present itself around $17 level. In the worst case scenario price could correct back down to $7 or $11 support levels and only then continue the uptrend. Source: OmiseGo Trend Is UP | CryptoPost
  21. NAVCoin Waiting Time Currently, NAVCoin found the support at $1.58, which is 50% Fibonacci retracement level. The support was rejected cleanly and the price went slightly up, although failed to break above the downtrend trendline. The consolidation is still in play and price could continue to trade between $1.58 support and $1.93 resistance. Break above or below should determine the further direction of the NAV/USD. Break above the resistance should send the price up to $3.3 area, while a break below the support could extend the downtrend, pushing price lower towards $0.54 support, that is 127.2% Fibs. Source: NAVCoin Waiting Time | CryptoPost
  22. Icon VS Bitcoin Hit The Bottom? Icon has already lost 60% to Bitcoin since it reached the all-time high at 9200 satoshis. The downtrend has been stopped at 161.8% Fibonacci retracement applied to the corrective wave down after the ascending channel breakout. Simultaneously the 327.2% Fibonacci channel trendline has also been rejected at the very same price – 3550 satoshis. This price level could now be the bottom of the correction down. If ICX/BTC will break above the 4.4k satoshis resistance it could be the confirmation that Icon has bottomed out and the price is ready to reverse to the upside. Source: Icon VS Bitcoin Hit The Bottom? | CryptoPost
  23. Dash VS Bitcoin Cycles Since April 2017, Dash has been ranging between btc 0.04 and 0.08 areas. The consolidation continues to this day without any clarity on further direction. According to cycles, the price should have produced a wave down since February, but it has stuck near the btc 0.06. DASH/BTC has attempted to break below the 200 Moving Average but yet, it only producing spikes lower. The btc 0.055 area remains the support and the next wave according to the cycles could be up. If the support will not be broken, Dash should be moving upwards towards btc 0.08-0.1 area, and only btc 0.1 breakouts could confirm the long-term uptrend. Source: Dash VS Bitcoin Cycles | CryptoPost
  24. ZCash Up To $1000 or $1500? Zcash uptrend is obvious as price continues to produce higher highs and higher lows. After reaching the all-time high, and producing a double top at $800 area, ZEC/USD corrected down to $256. The correction resulted in a 70% decline, while it found the support right at the uptrend trendline. Uptrend trendline has been rejected and price moved up, breaking above the 200 Moving Average. Currently, Zcash corrected back and trading right at the 200MA which is being rejected. While the uptrend remains valid and Zcash is trading above the $140 previous low, it is becoming more and more likely for the price to produce another all-time high, which could reach $1500 area, although first resistance is at $950 area and should not be ignored. Source: ZCash Up To $1000 or $1500? | CryptoPost
  25. Ethereum Classic +100% Target Following the previous idea on Ethereum Classic, the upside target and resistance is still near $80. Although price corrected down strongly, it has found the support at 8/1 Gann Fan trendline, that has been rejected cleanly. ETC/USD now returned back to the previous strong resistance area at $40, and corrected back to the previous support area near $30. The $30 support has been rejected which should result in a continuation of the uptrend in the near future. Source: Ethereum Classic +100% Target | CryptoPost
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